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Registration 2019-20

Online Registration

For Students Returning to ASD

April 29-August 23, 2019

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 Do I need to come to in-person registration if I’ve completed online registration? 
We will still host face-to-face registration August 6th and 7th.  Families who have registered online are not required to come, or can come and bypass the registration process and move through the remaining stations to complete the following: 
Obtain locker information 
Sign up for fall sports 
Check in with the school nurse 
Purchase: Yearbook, parking permit, and/or activity sticker 


In-person Registration

For Students New to ASD

Please call the Curriculum Office after July 23rd for an appointment. 742-2740

Registration Dates/Times 
August 6, 8-11am/12-3pm 
August 7, 8-11am/12-3pm