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Curb Side Library

I’d like to check out a book from the library. How do I..


find a book?


Fill out a Google Form

The form allows you to request a book if you know the title, state an informational need if you’ve been tasked with research, or get recommendations if you are unsure what you might like to read next.


You also might try the following on your own...


Go to the ERHS website and click on the “School” tab and find “Library.”  Use the Book River on the library website to browse available titles.  Try searching for an author, or subject you enjoy if you don’t have a title in mind.


Use tools like Novelist or TeenReads to search titles.  If we don’t own the book, we can use the title you specify to find read-alikes.


Check out one of Ms. Peters’ recorded book talks on the library website (or English teacher’s Canvas page) for current, high-interest titles.


check out a book?


Use the Google Form posted on the library website


If you know your library number, you can place a hold on the title you’d like in the PAC.  Your library account number  follows this formula: 210020+(your student ID number)+a single ? digit.  Email your librarian for the single digit you need to complete your library number. 


You may email us here in the library with a title, author, and call number with one or both of these identifying factors: your full name, or your student ID to or


OR- You can Call (907) 742-2722 during 8am-3pm Monday-Friday.


request books from other school libraries?

This is still an option, but the wait time will be longer.  The catalogue of all books in the ASD collection can be found on the ASD website under the “Student” tab. Email your request to us here in your library.


pick up my book?

When your book is ready, a librarian will call, email, or send you a text.  You may pick up your book from the cart just outside the school’s front entrance.  It will be packaged with your name on the outside.  If you are unable to pick the book up the day it is ready, it will stay on the cart for three days before being reshelved.


what do I do when I finish?

Deposit the book in the plastic return bin where it will be in quarantine for 72 hours before it is checked in.


What if I need the book longer than 3 weeks?

Not likely a pressing concern.  If another student wants to read the book you have checked out, we’ll let you know :-)


Can I still have 3?

You may have up to 3 titles.