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AP Test Sign-Up

Dear AP Students and Parents,


Congratulations on challenging yourself by enrolling in one or more Advanced Placement classes at ERHS this year!  As you are aware, one of the many benefits of taking an AP class is that it prepares you to take the corresponding AP Exam in the spring.  College Board (who runs the AP program) requires sign-up and payment in the fall even in you have a 2nd second-semester AP class.


In order to sign up for an AP test, you must do THREE things.


  1. Sign up for your AP account

  1. Sign in to using your College Board student account login.  If you do not have a student account, click the Sign up link.

  2. Click the Join a Course or Exam button

  3. Enter the join code your teacher(s) gave you (or use this list to find your join code) and verify your information. 


IMPORTANT!!!  The above steps are required by ALL students taking an AP course in ASD, whether you plan to take the exam at the end of the year or do not plan on taking the test.  It does not sign you up to take the test, but it does give you access to lots of resources that will better prepare you to take the test.


  1. Pay for your AP test(s) in Parent Connect

    1. Each test costs $100 per test this year. 

    2. If the cost of these tests is a financial hardship for your family, please contact ERHS’ AP coordinator, Erik Johnson ( or your counselor. 

    3. Here are the instructions for paying for AP tests through Parent Connect


  1. Fill out the ERHS AP Sign-up Form. 

  1. IMPORTANT: You MUST accurately fill out this form to receive a test!

  2. You must have paid for your test before you complete this form.


DEADLINE: These steps must be completed by October 4th, 2022. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Erik Johnson

English Teacher/AP Coordinator