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Memory Project Ukraine

Mr. Bera's art students just completed their 5th year of participating in "The Memory Project". This nonprofit works in partnership with other aid organizations to support youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges such as neglect, abuse, loss of parents, violence and extreme poverty.
To participate, art students are provided a picture of a child who has been impacted, and they create a realistic portrait using pencil, paint, digital or other art media. Once they are completed, these artworks are delivered to each child as a gift...and a reminder that there are those who care about their safety and well-being.
Our art students created portraits of 25 children from Ukraine. As you know, the Russian invasion of Ukraine had a tremendous and tragic impact on its citizens, especially children. Millions were internally displaced or fled the country with their families in search of safety. Children have been killed, wounded, orphaned, and profoundly traumatized due to the violence that surrounds them.
These portraits are being flown to Poland and delivered to each child by the end of December. We hope that our efforts provide some sense of love and support during such a dark time to the children we illustrated. We also raised $350 as a donation to the Memory Project to help support these children and to ensure they continue their work around the world.
You can see all of the portraits we created here: