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Service High Traffic Map

Service High Sept 6 Traffic Map

Service Families: 

On Sept 6th, a new traffic pattern for student drop off and pick up will begin.  Please review the map below for the new traffic pattern.  Arriving early to drop off students is encouraged!


The far West exit close to Trailside Elementary will be EXIT ONLY. 

The drive that runs along the "G" side, or Pool side of the building will be an ENTRANCE ONLY into the campus.  Moving down the "G" side drive, drop offs happen next to the building.  Vehicles then move left into the parking lot from the far cut-through near the tennis court.  From there, cars move through the parking lot to the West, or Trailside Elementary drive and exit there.

The front drive is for Special Needs buses and staff parking only.  Every day about 100 cars move through this area that should not be.  Please follow our traffic patterns to avoid vehicles being driven through areas where buses are unloading and loading.  All cars dropping off their 

The "D" side, East driveway pattern is not changing.

Please be aware SPED student drop offs and pick ups and staff parking is located in the front of the school.  Note the traffic pattern for all other drop offs and pick ups of students and student and staff parking.  Please follow the signage and instructions for the traffic patterns as you enter and exit the Service campus.