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Senior Portraits, Tributes & Quotes!

It’s time to have your senior portraits taken if you haven’t already. If you fail to get a picture

taken at school or fail to turn one in to Yearbook, we will not be calling home for this. You are a young adult: plan responsibly. Senior portraits are due on or before December 9.


December 8, 2023!

Portrait details:

Portraits are submitted online ONLY:

            - Go to

            - Type in Service High in the search box (Service should pop up)

            - Click on “Shop the Store.”

            - Click on “Community Upload” at the top of the page.

            - Access code is Cougars

            - Click on “Upload Photo.” Select photo and upload (one photo only).

            - Click on the box that says: “This is a portrait.”

            - Type in your name and grade (select 12th grade, not Senior) and submit at the bottom of the page.


IMAGES THROUGH EMAIL, thumbdrive, or hard copies will not be accepted. No props, sunglasses, family members.


 Senior Quotes:

 Link to Submission Form for Senior Quotes             


February 9, 2024!

Tribute details:


These are being done online only. These are purchased and designed by you at home through the website. Follow the steps for portraits above and click on “Create a Senior Ad” once you are on the Service High homepage. You can either create the tribute on the publisher’s website or you can create your own in Photoshop or InDesign and upload to the website (must be saved as a JPEG or PNG no larger than 49 mb). A full-page is 9.5W x 12L inches and a half-page is 9.5W x 6L inches. If these ratios are not adhered to, the image will be stretched or shrunk to fit and will likely be distorted.



Full page - $300 (limit 20 photos)                                         Half page - $200 (limit 10 photos)


Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at


January 31, 2024!    

Last day to order 2024 Yearbooks