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Finals Schedule

Finals for 9th through 11th grades will be:

Tuesday 5/21

Period 1-  7:30-9:20

Period 2-   9:30-11:20 

Lunch-       11:20- 12:10

Period 3-   12:10- 2:00


Wednesday 5/22

Period 4-   7:30-9:20

Period 5-   9:30-11:20

Lunch-       11:20- 12:10

Period 6-   12:10- 2:00

Finals will not be given early to any student. Students that are going to miss finals need to come to the Curriculum office and fill out a missing finals form. This form need to be completed and turned in before finals.

We recognize that students like to leave class once they finish with finals and will often call parents to blue pass them out.   In order to provide the best possible testing environment for students during final exams we ask that you not blue pass your student on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Thank you for helping us maintain an academic environment through the closing hours of this school year.