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Cell phone policy

What is the policy? 

Here is a link to the policy which will be provided to each student.

Why are we doing this?

Three key reasons: improved communication, improved efficiency, improved focus on academic content and experience. See additional research on the five hour rule and deep practice linked below.

How is it going to be done?

This will vary depending on the classroom in which a student is learning and how a cell phone relates to the academic goal. In some classrooms, cell phones will be rarely used, and in others, they may be quite common. The foundation of the policy is to tie cell phone use to academic goals as defined by the teacher in each classroom.

  • Possible examples of no cell phone use: during tests and quizzes, when teachers are providing direct instruction or when students are participating in whole group or small group discussions, and when students are using tools or other equipment. The intent is to maximize active listening, participation, and focus.
  • Possible examples of cell phone use for learning: completing a review game using phones, researching a curricular topic, composing notes, or taking pictures or videos for a project. The intent is to use the phone as a resource to attain an educational goal.