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Please check your contact information

It is essential that your family's contact information is correct in order for us to communicate with you. This can easily be checked and edited through ParentConnect.

If your student has an email please add it through ParentConnect as well, which will ensure they can receive communication from their teachers.

1. Go to

2. Log in. If you have forgotten your password or need other help, please follow the appropriate links on the landing page.

3. Once logged in click on “My Information” at the top of the page

parent connect screenshot

4. You should see a list of all family members with information in the ASD system. Click on “Edit” for the particular family member you would like to correct or add information to proceed.

screenshot of parent connect highlighting edit buttons

5. Correct or enter a new email and then click “Submit” at the top of the page. Once you make a change you will need to click into a new box before the "Submit" button will be available.

screenshot of submit button in parent connect

That's it!  Thank you for updating information for your family so we can communicate with you during the school closure.