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Getting Internet at Home

Getting Internet at Home

Several local providers are offering free and reduced internet access. Links to the original pdf flyers from GCI and ACS are at the bottom of this page.


GCI is offering a free basic Internet package. For more information, details, and to get started call GCI at 800-800-4800, you will need a school code to obtain the free account. The code for GCI is: 


GCI is also offering a free upgrade to existing internet service. This is done through

More information and details can be found at the GCI Website

GCI Home Connectivity Flyer

Alaska Communications

The ACS flyer says free Internet service for students through the end of the year. The directions and code say there is a 10% education discount. We have been unable to verify the free offer.

Go to the Alaska Communications home offers website and follow the directions below.

  • Click “Check availability and order now”
  • Click “Order New Service”
  • Enter address (it should pre-populate)
  • Select “Unlimited Internet with 10% Education Discount”
  • Enter authorization code 10%Education then “Add to Cart”
  • Check that discounts are applied
  • Submit your order (before March 31)

ACS customer service can be reached at: 907-563-8000


MTA has an online form to fill out on their MTA eLearning website.

MTA also requires one form of verification from the current school year to be attached to the form.

  1. Parent login information
  2. A copy of a report card/progress report
  3. Image of a student ID.