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Graduation Box Pickup Procedures

Seniors must come during their scheduled time slots and follow these procedures when picking up graduation boxes:

  1. Come in one vehicle (You can have 4 other people with you – I have changed this from 3 a couple of weeks ago).
  2. Practice Social Distancing the entire time you are on campus.
  3. Please wear masks as you come into the facility. When you are taking pictures, you can remove them.
  4. Come in through the Bus Entrance, follow instructions by security.
  5. When told, leave your vehicles and go into the field area. We are doing these pictures and gifts on the field (if weather is bad – it will be in the school – but you still come in your vehicles the same way).
  6. Each graduate will have a “tent” that they can use to open boxes, put on cords, get ready for pictures. You can leave personal belongings at this “tent” while you are taking pictures.  These “tents” will be labeled with a letter corresponding to the parking spot you parked your vehicle in (A, B, or C).
  7. Please limit your stay to 15 minutes total, from getting out of vehicle, to return to vehicle, so everyone has their chance. We’ll be reminding you if the time starts to get short.
  8. Lifetouch will be here to take your pictures (you can order from them if you want). We will also have two teachers taking pictures throughout the week.  There is information in this email as to how to access these pictures.  And – your families can take as many pictures as they like as well.