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IMPORTANT: Quarter 4 Survey due Friday, February 5th

West High Parents, Guardians, and Students:

Happy Monday!  As you can imagine, we are working tirelessly to prepare for our 4th quarter re-entry into our West High School building.  We know that many of you are excited about returning to the building for learning.  In addition, we know that some of you are concerned about the aspect of returning to the building. 

With the desire to allow for multiple options for families, we have four different programs for you to select for your students.  This email will outline the different options.  I ask that you read through the entire email before selecting your option on the survey link below.  

The OPTIONS at a glance:

  • ASD at School: For those who wish to return to the building for daily in-person instruction by West High teachers and staff.
  • West High Remote: For those who are not ready to return to the building, yet wish to maintain their connection with West High and its teachers and staff. Note: For this option, please select “Other” on the survey and type in “West High Remote.”
  • ASD At-Home (Virtual School): For those who would prefer a highly independent online asynchronous learning experience supported by highly-qualified ASD teachers and staff.
  • ASD Homeschool: For those who wish to customize their online learning experience at one of ASD’s homeschool options: Paideia, Frontier, Family Partnership

The OPTIONS in more detail:

1 - ASD AT SCHOOL (Returning to West High School in person):

This option is where you send your students to school AT West High School.  They will be in-person on M, T, TH, and F.  We will continue to have asynchronous Wednesdays, where the students will be at home and complete lessons the teachers post on their Canvas shells.  It is important to note – students that have not been successful in on-line learning will be encouraged to choose this option.  We will be following all mitigation plans when in-person, including mandatory mask wearing and social distancing.  You can look at our mitigation plan here: West High Safety Plan

2 - WEST HIGH REMOTE (Mark "Other" on Survey):

An asynchronous program designed to allow West High students to continue working on West High classes through an on-line option.  Students utilizing this program must be self-directed learners who can be resourceful when needing to learn content.  Fourth-quarter West Remote students will have access to all assignments via Canvas.  Each teacher will have 45 minute “Office Hour” sessions on Wednesdays for each class.  These sessions will be MANDATORY for West High Remote students.  This option does not include direct instruction but is intended to help answer any questions students have and give any guidance the teachers want to give.  Teachers may require West High Remote students to attend other Zoom sessions as they choose.

Please note:  In order to select “West High Remote” your student must be able to successfully work independently.  If your student has failed one or more classes via online learning, please do NOT select this option.

If you would like to utilize the West High Remote option, please mark "Other" on the ASD survey and type in “West High Remote.” 

3 - ASD AT HOME (Virtual School):

The ASD Virtual Program: Completely Online and independent learning

  • Offers courses aligned to learning standards (different curricula than in-school program)
  • Grades 9-12 use APEX
  • Students are engaged in independent, self-paced learning
  • Teachers will provide set office hours whereby teachers answer questions, provide instruction, provide individual support on an as-needed basis; in addition, teachers will provide a weekly live session to build relationships and have an instructional dialogue.
  • Teachers are from a variety of schools, most likely not a West teacher

Please click on the link below to find out more about Virtual School. 

 PLEASE NOTE:  There are NO ASD Virtual options for Immersion, IB, or HG programs. 


ASD offers three homeschooling options, Paideia, Family Partnership Charter and Frontier Charter.  Homeschooling requires a high level of involvement from the parent/guardian.  Please click on the link below to find out more about Homeschool options. 

Special Programs: 

If your student is in one of our lottery programs(Immersion, IB, HG, etc) he or she will retain their seat for the 2021/22 school year regardless of which option you choose. If they leave West High School for one of the homeschool programs or a program outside of ASD, they will be accepted back into the program, but a new lottery application will need to be submitted.

Zoom Q&A Sessions:

I will be holding the following Zoom Q&A sessions regarding these options.  If you have any questions about any of these programs, please attend one of these.

 Tuesday, February 2nd, 7:15am-8:00am

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 990 7927 1479

Passcode: 970745

Thursday, February 4th, 6:30pm-7:30pm

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 991 6007 3022

Passcode: 068942

The Survey:

To access the ASD Survey to select your 4th quarter option, please click on this link:


Sven Gustafson

West High School Principal