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Klatt's Lego Robotics Team

 Robotics Team   





A team of 10 students make up the Klatt Lego Robotics Team. The Lego Robotics Program is divided into two major sections. The Lego Robotics portion requires that students use creative thinking to design, build, modify, break down, rebuild, program, reprogram.... and reprogram again, in attempts to have the robot autonomously complete mechanical functions on a game board typically consisting of 10 to 15 challenges. The Teams robot has 2 and 1/2 minutes to complete as many of these challenges as possible, each with different point values. 

The second half of the the competition is a project based on a specific focus, usually societal or environmental.  Students create an original, innovative solution to a problem in this field. This year, the assigned task had to do with the difficulties of extended space travel. The robotics team devised a way to provide more fresh fruits, vegetables and Oxygen to the crew aboard the spaceship while devising a space saving design in the ship.

 The Klatt Team attended a Lego City Qualifier Event, competing against fellow schools and Lego robotics teams within the district. When the awards were handed out, Klatt received the award for most points received in the robot game and another award, the championship award. The Overall Champion award is given to a team that excels in all of the different judged categories: Robot Design, Project, and Core Values. The Klatt team also assisted a Tyson Elementary team whose game board was damaged in the Nov. 30th earthquake.  Our team was able to assist their team in writing a program that scored them 20 points in the robot game. Klatt robotics has been invited to the State Championship, which will occur in January.