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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

AM Drop-Off Time   

We are always excited to see our little friends walk through the front door. While this is true , DROP-off times must be strictly adhered to. Our only concern is the safety of our families. We are simply not equipped with the staff to have children in the office prior to this time.

* No student should arrive before 8:40. If they do........

* When students arrive, they have to wait outside of the main doors. They can not wait in the front office.

* The 1st bell rings at 8:45 am for students to enter the building.

Special Pick-Up Requests   

The office is a busy place. It gets even more busy as we get closer to the end of the day. We ask that you make any pick-up arrangements before 3:00 pm. This assures that your request can be dealt with without the distraction to classrooms, teaching and other students. We understand emergencies arise, but we ask that you make all arrangements before 3:00 pm. Thank you!!!


PM Dismissal  

School dismisses at 3:30pm. All students need to be picked up from school no later than 3:40pm.