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First Day 2024: Grades 1-5 Start School on Thursday, August 15; Pre-school & Kindergarten Start School on Thursday, August 22

First Day

The District will have a staggered start for the first day of school to support students transitioning to new buildings/programs.

  • August 15: grades 1-7, 9
  • August 16: grades 8, 10-12
  • August 22: preschool and kindergarten

By providing students in grades 6, 7, and 9 a day at school with a smaller student population, schools can prioritize onboarding activities and supports.

Due to the staggered start date where all school staff will be on hand to support students, middle and high schools will not hold optional orientations or camps for students prior to the first day of school.

All school staff will still report to work as part of their normal schedule.

Coming soon: information on changes to sports and activity schedules plus transportation details. Stay tuned!