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Airport Heights Directional Planning

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What? As the COVID-19 Pandemic began to lose it’s grip on our schools in Anchorage, a group of parents and educators began to meet to collaborate on the direction of Airport Heights Elementary. The team’s focus was to look at the direction that the school might take as the world “returns to normal.”

The team set about the work by examining three questions:

  • As we consider our priorities and the WHY of this work, what might learning look like in our school?
  • What might we need to attend to with regard to schedules, priorities, and resources?
  • What structures might support the ongoing work of this group (and or the Leadership of the school)?

Why? The simple answer is that the school must do better in meeting the needs of students. Additionally, the team identified 8 major areas that addressed the importance of this work:

  1. To address Equity
  2. To become more community centered.
  3. To develop self-directed students
  4. To infuse high-interest, relevant learning
  5. To ensure safety
  6. To promote innovative practice
  7. To support human connections, culture, and families
  8. To recognize defined criteria for learning

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Michael Webb