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Alaska Early Education Systems Rank #9 in Nation

A study by the National Institute for Early Education Research announced the ranking in our nation for the best and worst Early Education Systems, with Alaska coming in ninth place.

According to the study, "students enrolled in full-day pre-K programs do better on math and literacy tests than their peers who attend only partial day preschool. In addition, those who attend pre-K programs have been shown to have less risk of future crime than those who do not. Plus, pre-K programs may generate billions of dollars for the economy over a few decades, due to lessening the need for social services and creating more productive citizens."

Chelsea Mauro, ASD's Director of Preschool, says, "We have expanded preschool opportunities in ASD; most notably is that we aligned King Tech preschool's program to the rest of the general education preschool programs in the 2018-19 school year and have added six new inclusive preschool programs for the 2019-20 school year. We continue to serve children in special education preschool starting at age three. We also collaborate with Head Start, both in ASD schools and in the community."

Last year, ASD had 874 special education and 255 general education students enrolled in our preschool programs. That number is expected to increase this year with the loss of many preschool programs around the state due to budget cuts.

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Picture: Miss M and some of our Preschool students here at Northwood Elementary