Dress Code

Clothing that allows for indecent exposure is prohibited. This includes: clothing that displays the abdomen/navel, midriff, chest, or that allows underwear to show i.e. sagging. Waistbands must be above the buttocks. Skirts and shorts must be at finger length. Tank tops are not permitted with the exception of PE class and after school sports. Headgear and hoods are not permitted indoors (which includes but is not limited to: visors and bandanas of any color which include clothing or masks that reflect the bandana pattern). Individuals may request exceptions to this rule for religious reasons. Students are not allowed to wear clothing (t-shirts, hats, etc.)  that display obscenity, profanity, sexual innuendos, gang related images, or pictures that promote or glamorize drugs, tobacco and alcohol or disrupts student learning and/or the educational process. This also includes any garments with pictures of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or any related paraphernalia.