The Anchorage School District considers regular school attendance to be one of the most important determinants of student academic success. All students are required to attend school regularly unless authorized by the parents or school to be absent. Our School Board has created policies and procedures to encourage regular attendance and ensure communication between the school and parents. Regular and timely attendance by all of our students is a goal of our district. Please let us know if there are obstacles preventing your child from attending school regularly and on-time. We are here to support you. We miss your child when s/he is not here.

Parents are asked to call the school by 10:00 each morning their child is absent from school to excuse him/her from that day’s attendance. Automated calls will be made to families when a child is absent from school at 10:30. If your child is going to be gone for a prolonged absence, please complete a Pre-Planned Absence Form (one form per child in the family) to notify the school of your child’s absences. This form must be submitted one week in advance. School Board policy outlines the following conditions that may result in an excused absence from school:

  1. Illness
  2. Serious illness or death in the immediate family
  3. Attendance at a school sponsored event,
  4. Extenuating circumstances approved by the principal
  5. Attendance at religious services.

Any absence that is not excused is considered a truancy. The school will contact parents if their child has excessive absences and tardies. For more information about the Anchorage School District’s attendance policies, please refer to the 2018-2019 Elementary School Student Handbook. This handbook can be found online at www.asdk12.org.

Teachers shall be responsible for providing and evaluating written assignments given during or after the absences. It is the principal's discretion to work with the teacher to decide when written assignments will be given in lieu of other classroom activities. Deadlines for completion and evaluation will be at the principal's discretion. A student will usually have 1 day to complete make up work for every 1 day he/she misses.