Rules and Responsibilities

Responsibilities: Principal

  1. Agree with the philosophy and goals of the ABC Program.
  2. Maintain the philosophy of Birchwood ABC School.
  3. Participate in the selection of staff.
  4. Implement and encourage an instructional program as stated in the Birchwood Charter.
  5. Enforce and support a school-wide discipline program.
  6. Attempt to solve school-related problems or conflicts of students, staff, parents and community.
  7. Develop and maintain a plan to provide for the safety and welfare of both students and faculty.
  8. Develop and maintain communication and rapport with students, staff, parents and the community.
  9. Understand and accept all students, staff and parents.
  10. Ensure that the rights of students are protected.
  11. Ensure that parents are notified of their student's progress and any significant changes in their achievement and/or behavior.
  12. Establish and maintain a positive school climate that provides frequent, realistic opportunities for students, staff and parents to participate in the identification and resolution of school-related concerns.
  13. Adhere to the procedures set forth in Anchorage School District policies and Birchwood ABC Charter.

Responsibilities: Staff

  1. Understand and be in agreement with the ABC Charter and philosophy.
  2. Maintain and encourage the philosophy of the ABC program.
  3. Implement an instructional program according to the ABC Curriculum. 
  4. Implement a discipline policy and communicate this policy to parents and students.
  5. Maintain communication with principal, staff, students and parents.
  6. Understand and accept all students.
  7. Notify parents of student’s progress and if necessary any significant changes in behavior.
  8. Provide a positive classroom climate that provides challenging but realistic opportunities for student growth.
  9. Adhere to the procedures set forth in the Anchorage School District Handbook.

Responsibilities: Parents

  1. Establish and maintain, in the home, a positive attitude toward education.
  2. Show an active interest in the child's schoolwork and progress through regular communication with the school.
  3. Assist your child to be neat, clean and well groomed.
  4. Ensure the child's regular daily attendance and promptness.
  5. Keep the child out of school when he or she is ill.
  6. Provide a note explaining the absence of your child upon his/her return to school.
  7. Cooperate with school personnel when the child is involved in a disciplinary matter.
  8. Cooperate with school personnel in the maintenance of the child's physical and emotional health.
  9. Understand the procedures set forth in District policies.
  10. Negotiate a conference time with teachers a minimum of two times per school year.
  11. Become familiar with the Code of Conduct, the school rules and classroom rules.
  12. Respond to a teacher's initial contact.
  13. Provide correct working telephone numbers and addresses at all times.

Responsibilities: Students

  1. Be prompt to all classes.
  2. Be prepared for class with assigned work and appropriate materials.
  3. Be accountable for his/her own work.
  4. Be neat, clean and well groomed.
  5. Behave in a safe and responsible manner.
  6. Show respect for all individuals and property.
  7. Students have the responsibility to strive for academic growth by participating to their utmost ability.
  8. Seek help from school personnel when having school or personal problems.
  9. Follow the rules and regulations established by the school and classroom teacher.