Student Conduct

The purpose of this section is to describe appropriate student conduct, the behavior that is expected of students. However, before presenting that description, the premises on which this Code of Student conduct were based should be articulated:

  • If students are to behave appropriately, they must be aware of what is expected of them. The descriptions, which follow, are intended to make the student aware of the conduct, which is expected of all students.
  • Students are responsible for conducting themselves in a respectful, responsible, and safe manner. In general, the student is responsible for behaving in a manner to maintain the integrity of the learning environment and protects the safety of our community.


Practicing good manners is an absolute must at Birchwood ABC. Please remember to:

  • Greet others in the hall.
  • Remove hats upon entering the building.
  • Make "thank you", "please" and "excuse me” part of your daily vocabulary.
  • Say, “Yes ma’am”, or “No sir” when answering questions posed by an adult.
  • Take their turn and line up in organized manner.
  • Exhibit quiet, courteous voices.
  • Attend assemblies or concerts and observe appropriate audience decorum.
  • Personal remarks, slams or putdowns will not be tolerated.

Students are also expected to:

  • Remain on the school premises from 9:00 - 3:30.
  • Exit the building for recesses and remain outdoors for the prescribed length of time unless health or safety dictates otherwise.
  • Go directly home after school.
  • Not bring toys or inappropriate items such as, but not limited to:  collector cards, electronic equipment, etc. to school. Such items will be confiscated until parents can come to the school and retrieve them. 
  • Respect the rights of others and keep their hands to themselves.  Pushing, shoving and hitting are not allowed.   


  • When the whistle blows, students are to hurry to the line-up area, assemble quietly in their marked areas, and await directions from the noon duty supervisors.
  • Take care of the equipment and personal gear.  Return all equipment to the appropriate place.
  • Get permission from an adult on duty before leaving the playground.
  • Play appropriately with others.
  • Share equipment and use it appropriately.
  • Follow adult directions.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Include others and invite others to join activities.   
  • Report problems to the adults on duty.
  • Wear appropriate outdoor clothing for safety and comfort. 
  • Participate in outdoor recesses until the temperature, including wind chill factor, reaches a minus ten degree Fahrenheit (-10). Parents are responsible to see that their children are dressed appropriately for Alaskan weather.


Students need to refuel in the middle of the day so they are able to give their best efforts in the afternoon. Hot lunch can be purchased by the day, week or month.

  • K-6 lunch $3.75 per day
  • Milk costs $0.50

Each student is expected to:

  • Bring a lunch or purchase a lunch from the cafeteria.
  • There is a limit of three unpaid lunch charges.  There are no milk charges. 
  • Remain on school grounds during lunch hours.  To leave the campus during school hours, the office must have a written parental request for the student to leave followed by parental check out in the school office at the time of departure.
  • Parents are welcome to have lunch with their child in the lunchroom after checking in at the office.  

Lunchroom Behavior:

  • Show respect for noon duty supervisors and all supervising staff.
  • Use a quiet voice, speaking to immediate neighbor only (voice level 2).
  • Use appropriate table manners at all times.
  • Stay seated until an adult dismisses you.
  • Eat his/her own lunch.  Food exchanges are not allowed.
  • Clean up your area (table top and floor) before you leave the lunchroom.
  • Walking feet only
  • Exit school building at designated doors only.



  • Board and exit vehicles in designated areas.  Students must board and exit on the right side (passenger side) of the vehicle unless an adult walks them to and from the sidewalk.
  • Walk in a controlled manner to your destination.
  • Arrive at school after 8:40 a.m., as there is no supervision before that time, and before 9:00 AM.
  • Remain outside the school building until 8:50 AM unless s/he has a permission to be inside.
  • Line up in a safe and orderly manner when the bell sounds.
  • Leave the school grounds before 3:45 PM, as there is no supervision after that time.
  • Remain outside the building after dismissal at 3:30 unless s/he has a permission to be inside.
  • Children will line up outside in the morning unless the temperature, including wind chill factor, reaches a minus ten degrees Fahrenheit (-10). Parents are responsible to see that their children are dressed appropriately for Alaskan weather.  If the temperature reaches -10 degrees Fahrenheit or there is a downpour of rain, then children will be brought inside to line up outside their classroom.