Dec. 1: ASD Superintendent Update at 12PM

Dear all ASD Students, Families, Staff, and Community Members,

We are very thankful that and our staff, students and families survived the earthquake yesterday with a few minor injuries; and we sincerely hope that the earthquake and aftershocks did not cause too much damage to your homes and personal property. The safety of our staff and students remains our paramount concern.

Right now, we seek your support. The District has maintenance and recovery crews in our schools working hard so that we can resume school operations next week. This is a very involved and potentially dangerous effort. Many, if not all of our schools, sustained damage yesterday; and as we assess and begin repairs, no one outside of the repair and recovery teams will be allowed to enter into Anchorage School District buildings. We respectfully ask the community to please not go to schools seeking entrance, and to allow this work to happen unimpeded.

The District understands that staff and students exited school buildings in a rush; and that many left behind important personal items to include car keys, coats, cell phones, and computers. We will communicate with you over the next several days. As school buildings are assessed safe for occupation, the District will coordinate dates and times for staff and students to recover their personal property. The District is locking buildings and will endeavor to safeguard your property.

Thank you again for your continued support and for your trust as we work together to get our schools back on line so that we educate your awesome kids.

A more detailed update will be available this afternoon. Updates will be shared and posted on the District’s home page at


Dr. Deena Bishop

Superintendent, Anchorage School District