Dec. 1: From ASD Chief Operating Officer, Tom Roth, 5PM

Dear ASD staff, students, and families,

We want to express our thanks to the community for your continued support and patience as we get our evaluation and recovery teams into our schools. As mentioned in our previous update earlier today, our top priority is the safety of our students and staff.

Today has been a very productive day for our maintenance, custodial and engineer teams. Of the District’s 92 schools and buildings, our teams and our local contractor partners entered 48 schools and performed multiple structural evaluations, repairs and component assessments; and our custodians began the monumental task of clearing away debris, vacuuming water pools, re-assembling classrooms and other tasks to get schools ready for the resumption of class. At this point, we do not have sufficient information available to provide school-by-school assessments, much less a time line for re-entry into buildings, to our staffs and students. This is a priority.

Thank you again for your partnership as we sustain this productive work into the near future, and we sincerely hope that your own home recovery efforts are going well.