Dec. 5: ASD Superintendent Addresses Gruening Update 5PM

Dear Family, Staff, and Community Members,

Thank you for your patience as we move forward. Today, many of our employees returned to their work sites. There have been questions regarding the work being done to ensure safety within our buildings.

We are intensely and deliberately addressing identified issues. As assessments are being completed, contractors and teams are working to repair deficiencies. Examples of the work include: 

  • Performing structural assessments (utilizing contract engineers and District personnel)
  • Mitigating deficiencies (fixing leaks, restoring power, turning off gas, removing overhead risks from ceiling tiles, etc.)
  • Monitoring air quality (replacing air filters, deep cleaning of carpets, flooring and surfaces)
  • Replacing ceiling grids, ceiling tiles, and flooring as needed

ASD is actively seeking and coordinating external support to augment and expedite the recovery efforts of District personnel and local contractors. For example, like a local hospital, we are utilizing an out-of-state company specializing in mitigation of water damage.

I also want to provide a brief update on the status of Gruening Middle School. While the structure is sound, the needed repairs are extensive and will take some time. As a result, it has been determined it is not feasible to return students and staff to the school until the repairs are complete.


Therefore, all Gruening Middle School students and staff will be relocated to available space at Chugiak High School (CHS) for the remainder of this academic year.


We are working through many specific details.

  • Staffing – Gruening teachers will have a classroom within CHS
  • Transportation plans – bussing details will be shared with impacted families
  • Relocation of students’ personal gear – student items will be packed and transported to CHS where students will reclaim their belongings
  • Move of classroom items – curriculum and educational items will be packed and moved to each teacher’s new classroom
  • Gruening Students return to school on Tuesday, December 11, 2018


The School Board and I are grateful for the outpouring of support from our community.  We join the Chugiak Staff and students in welcoming Gruening. We appreciate the flexibility and resilience of all involved. Thank you.


Dr. Deena Bishop

ASD Superintendent


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