APC Board Meeting Minutes 02/2019

February 11, 2019

Board Meeting        Wayland Baptist Conference Room        5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Called to Order at 5:36 pm

Board Present:

Teacher Rep Seat (A) Richard Bierer

Faculty / Staff Seat (B) - Vacant - (optional)

Parent Rep Seat (C) Rosa Salazar-Sanchez

Parent Rep Seat (D) Philippe Janicka - Telephonically Present


Community Seat (F) Sylvia Biondich - Secretary

Community Seat (G) Meredith Gutierrez - Vice Chair

Community/Parent Seat (H) Gayle Boyer

Community/Parent Seat (I) Caroline Storm - Chair

Founder Seat (P) Vacant - (held for Founder upon request)


Founder Seat (R) Whitney D’Atri


Board Excused Absent:

Parent Rep Seat (E) Heather Swanson

Founder Seat (Q) Scott Kluever


Principal: Adam Mokelke

Guests: (none)



  1. Introductions & Purpose Statement
  2. Review and Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes
    1. Review and Approval of Agenda
      1. Whitney moves to approve the Agenda as written
      2. Gayle seconds the motion
      3. No discussion - Motion passed unanimously
  3. Persons to be heard  (public comment) - NONE
  4. Reports
    1. Principal Update

Principal’s Report to the Academic Policy Committee

2/8/19 Dear APC members,

We are halfway through the third quarter. Last week we held our Geography Bee, and Griffin Hall (7th) was our winner. Our Battle of the Books team won second place overall at Dimond High. Wednesday students went to Baxter Bog and Cheney Lake. Next week we have the Spelling Bee (2/13 Wednesday). We have a lot happening! We are rolling into assessment season, with NAEP completed for 8th grade and the School Climate Connectedness survey done school side. We are ramping up for PEAKS and MAP testing in the spring. Lottery numbers continue climbing. Our evening school tour is TONIGHT (Friday 2/8) at 6 PM. Last night I presented about our program at the Scenic Foothills Community Council meeting. Mrs. Gatlin is taking student leaders to neighborhood elementary schools- see more in her report below. Things are busy as always, and February is flying by!


18-19 Current Enrollment & Enrollment Projection reported

Projected returning & Lottery applications reported


Sports: ASD approved our proposal to add X-country running and skiing for the 19-20 school year. We will begin planning for these sports when the ski season ends. There is much to be done!


Staffing: This week I am completing evaluations for non-tenured staff. We have been struggling with absences, as staff were required to attend a 2 day training and we’ve had a lot of illness going around. We’ve had multiple days with no sub for an absent teacher, which leaves us scrambling.


Facilities: Vision meeting with CITC on 1/24 to explore facility/campus partnership. Highland still interested and need to know how they fit into our plans, potential facility. 2/6 toured CITC’s FabLab with staff. 2/7 spoke with Forrest Dunbar who is interested in Muldoon library partnering with us and would like all parties to meet.


Assessment: Completed NAEP testing for 8th grade and School Climate Survey school-wide. PEAKS testing in April, MAP testing in May.


Budget and Finance: The Governor’s FY19 supplemental budget includes a $20 million dollar cut to education. This would equate to $5.77 million dollars less for ASD. The impact on STrEaM would be a reduction in funds of about $21,000. We will need to adjust next year’s budget for funding cross country running and skiing. Coaches will need to be paid for both teams.


    1. Committee Update (Facilities) - see above principal report - additionally Highland is open to drop 6-8th grade to shall partnership on building.  CITC and FABLAB program vision will mesh nicely, especially with the idea to meet students where the student is, academically.
    2. Staff Liaison - Richard Bierer - (reports and needs)  Richard has reached out to staff to let them know he is their Staff Liaison.  Staff has been in evaluation mode. It is also flu season and staff have been affected.
    3. Project and TREK Update

Project & TREK Update From the desk of Megan Gatlin


Project Highlights Sled Building Project - 8th Grade PE Students are exploring sled designs. They will test the aerodynamics of their miniature sled models in Mr. Perkin’s homemade wind tunnel in order to inform their revision process. After students have made revisions to their design they will build a life size model to test on the sledding hill at Chugach Foothills Park.


Energy Project - 6th Grade Science/ELA Students learn about non-renewable and renewable energy sources from guest speakers and direct instruction and many hands-on activities. Students will write letters to Mayor Berkowitz making recommendations about which renewable resources Anchorage should invest in. Along with this project students are also exploring wind energy in depth by participating in the Kid Wind Challenge where they build and design the most efficient wind turbine blade. They will compete with other kids from the state at Kid Wind Competition in Palmer on March 2.


Science Projects Class - Bierer Elective Students are engaged in designing and conducting scientific experiments in order to submit their projects to the Alaska State Engineering and Science Fair. Students will have a mini-science fair on March 6th at STrEaM.


TREKS ● 1/16 6th Grade Planetarium ● 2/6 8th Grade Cheney Lake ● 2/20 8th Grade Science Topics Class w/Goodman - West High Pool ● 3/20 6th Grade - Alaska Junior Theater Moon Mouse ● Alaska Rock Gym 7th & 8th Grade ○ 4/3 - 8th Grade (25 students) ○ 4/10 - 8th Grade (25 students) ○ 4/17- 7th Grade (25 students) ○ 4/24 - 7th Grade (25 students) ● 4/12 School-Wide Sports Day @ The Arctic Rec Center ● 5/8 8th Grade Capstone - Camp Gorsuch w/Onward & Upward


Guest Speakers ● 1/11 Mrs. Gabel - Aerobic Drumming for PE ● 1/23 & 1/24 Beki Toussaint w/Alaska Resource Education ● 1/30 Colleen Fisk w/Renewable Energy Alaska Project ● 2/8 Chris Jimenez - CIRI Fire Island Wind Project ● 3/5 Mayor Berkowitz (TBD)


Outreach ● Flyers Created for Distribution ● School Tours w/Students Set - Each Tuesday in Feb @ 9:30 am ● Night Tour Friday 2/8 6 pm ● Reached out to 4 Feeder Schools: Susitna, Scenic Park, Creekside & Chester Valley ● School Visits Scheduled: 2/6 - Scenic Park Visit, 2/20 Susitna


  1. Action Items
    1. Principal Contract and Evaluation - Adam has conferred with Darrell Vincek about contract information, but does not have a presentation
      1. Board can give three year contract or year by year.
      2. Vincek encouraged Adam to include contract addenda for construction/planning of new facility.  Added days should be changed, flex days should be updated 12 to 15, keep salary in line with APA contract.
      3. This will come to the APC and we can go into Executive Session to discuss and vote.


  1. Non-Action Items
    1. New Business - none
    2. Recruitment
    3. Work Session Agenda - work session was cancelled
    4. Legislative Session Concerns - Juneau team should get together to discuss.  Charter Principals have meeting with Dr. Bishop next week to get talking points.
    5. Anything else for the Good of the order
    6. Verify next meeting:
      1. Vice Chair moved to change meeting to Tuesday, March 19th
      2. Whitney seconded
      3. No discussion, unanimous vote
      4. Mar 19, 2019 at 5:30 pm

Board meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm