Board Minutes from March 2019

March 19, 2019

Board Meeting        Wayland Baptist Conference Room        5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Called to Order at 5:36 pm

Board Present:

Teacher Rep Seat (A) Richard Bierer

Faculty / Staff Seat (B) - Vacant - (optional)

Parent Rep Seat (C) Rosa Salazar-Sanchez

Parent Rep Seat (D) Philippe Janicka - Telephonically Present

Parent Rep Seat (E) Heather Swanson

Community Seat (F) Sylvia Biondich - Secretary

Community Seat (G) Meredith Gutierrez - Vice Chair

Community/Parent Seat (H) Gayle Boyer

Community/Parent Seat (I) Caroline Storm - Chair

Founder Seat (P) Vacant - (held for Founder upon request)


Founder Seat (R) Whitney D’Atri


Board Excused Absent:

Founder Seat (Q) Scott Kluever


Principal: Adam Mokelke

Guests: Charlie Palmer, 6th grade parent



  1. Introductions & Purpose Statement
  2. Review and Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes
    1. Review and Approval of Agenda
      1. Whitney moves to approve the Agenda as written
      2. Heather seconds the motion
      3. No discussion - Motion passed unanimously
  3. Persons to be heard  (public comment) - NONE
  4. Reports
    1. Principal Update


Principal’s Report to the Academic Policy Committee



We are now through three quarters of school, ready to start the 4th quarter.

In sports, games are won or lost in the 4th quarter. We finish strong: we will continue pushing to improve, making adjustments, and finding what works for our school and kids. 4th quarter is not a time to let up or wait for next year to make changes. The 4th quarter is winning time.


Mayor Berkowitz’s visit to STrEaM was a highlight to end 3rd quarter. Our students were engaging and presentations were outstanding. Big thanks to Mrs. Gatlin and Ms. Draeger for their development of this project. Hopefully you all saw the ASD feature of this event. Here is the article which includes the ASD video link:



The lottery closes this Thursday 3/21 at 5 PM. At this point numbers look promising.

Our radio ad has been airing, and we’ve received positive reviews.

School tours went very well, and although February was “visit our schools month” we continued doing weekly tours in March.

Short and sweet version of “why STrEaM?” to share:


19-20 Enrollment Projection


Projected returning

Lottery applications



















Staffing:  Mrs. Smith returns to STrEaM after spring break, back from maternity leave.

Our proposed “armageddon plan” for massive funding cuts would be to not fill the position opening due to a retirement. Kristin Bozarth has been working with me to draft a master schedule with one less position that meets our needs.


Facilities:  Keeping rooms clean, neat and orderly to meet the terms of our lease is always a challenge. For the first time we are not adding additional classrooms going into a new school year.

Planning continues with CITC, the Muldoon Library and CIHA on the Creekside property. Tyler from CIHA is working with SALT to facilitate a site planning workshop.


Assessment:  PEAKS testing March 26th, 27th and 28th and April 3rd, MAP testing in early May.


Calendar waiver: Each year we apply to DEED for a waiver for our early release days.  This year I propose two additional professional development days to coincide with the fall and spring WBU graduation dates in October and April. We are not allowed to utilize the facility on those dates.


Upcoming events:

  1. 3/18 Rapids Report
  2. Tuesday 3/19 APC meeting 5:30 PM
  3. PEAKS testing letter and schedule:


    1. Committee Update (Facilities) -
      1. (See part of Principal’s Report)
      2. Thursday the committee is meeting with CIHA’s facilitator (architec) to work on vision for collaborative building with us, FAB LAB and the library.  More information at the next board meeting. CIHA is currently paying for this collaboration. In the future STrEaM might need to help subsidize future SALT meetings.
    2. Committee Update (Middle School Sports Committee) we need to consider forming a committee that will help coordinate sports funding etc.
    3. Committee Update (Parent Funding Committee) we need to raise money for vans.  Rosa spoke up as our parent liaison that she could work on this vision.
    4. Staff Liaison - Richard Bierer - (reports and needs)  
      1. Richard has invited staff to stop by and say hello to the APC.  Ms. Twiford had stopped by before the meeting to say hello this evening.
      2. Whitney asked if the staff would like to input on future training.  
      3. Staff morale was lagging prior to spring break.  Our goal is to keep morale up during this long stretch of fourth quarter.
    5. Project and TREK Update

Project & TREK Update

From the desk of Megan Gatlin


Project Highlights

Cardboard Boat Regatta - Goodman/8th Grade Science Special Topics

Students just completed the finale of their cardboard boat building project. They had to create models, then test and design their own life size boats out of cardboard. The challenge was to race the boats from one end of the pool to the other.


Urban Wilderness Revealed - 7th  Grade Multidisciplinary

The seventh graders are knee deep into their study of both Birds in Alaska and their Urban Wilderness/Parks and Public Space studies.  We recently completed building 35 chickadee bird houses which will be place in the Muldoon Park. Up next is completion of their Pecha Kucha presentations on National Parks and personal narratives on public spaces.  We look forward to hearing from former representative Les Gara after spring break on his take on the importance of public lands and the rollback of environmental laws.


Woodworking - Krejca Math Support Classes

Ms. Krejca’s  intervention classes are engaged in a woodworking project this quarter. Students self-selected their product based on interest and challenge by choice from a list of four choices:

step stool, keepsake box, message board/coat hanger, and colorful Jenga game. They are practicing measuring, construction, and tool use as they see a project from start to finish.




  • 2/27 8th Grade Sled Off at Chugach Foothills Park
  • 3/6 6th & 7th Grade Walk to Cheney Lake
  • 3/6 8th Grade Walk to Baxter Bog
  • 3/20 6th Grade - Alaska Junior Theater Moon Mouse
  • Alaska Rock Gym 7th & 8th Grade
    • 4/3 - 8th Grade (25 students)
    • 4/10 - 8th Grade (25 students)
    • 4/17- 7th Grade (25 students)
    • 4/24 - 7th Grade (25 students)
  • 4/12 School-Wide Sports Day @ The Arctic Rec Center
  • 5/8 8th Grade Capstone - Camp Gorsuch w/Onward & Upward


Guest Speakers

  • 2/8 Chris Jimenez - CIRI Fire Island Wind Project
  • 2/25 Josh Love -  Anchorage Yoga
  • 3/5 Mayor Berkowitz 1:30 pm
  • Les Gara (TBD)



School Tours w/Students Set - Each Tuesday in Feb @ 9:30 am

So far we have had multiple families each week.

Night Tour Friday 2/8 6 pm

40 + people showed up

Offered outreach students to 4 Feeder Schools: Susitna, Scenic Park, Creekside & Chester Valley.

School Visits Scheduled: 2/6 - Scenic Park Visit, 2/20 Susitna, TBD Ptarmigan

Science Night Planned for 4/25 - will invite students in lottery and advertise to our “feeder schools”.


  1. Action Items
    1. Principal Contract and Evaluation -
      1. Rosa made the Motion to move this to end of the agenda
      2. Phillippe seconded
      3. No discussion - (passed unanimously)
    2. Calendar Waiver
      1. Meredith made a Motion to approve calendar waiver
      2. Gayle seconded
      3. Discussion
      4. Vote called - motion passed unanimously
  2. Non-Action Items
    1. Charter Renewal - Friday, March 29th - at Ed Center with Whitney, Caroline and Adam present.  We will not be going to Juneau, just at the Ed Center via long distance skype
    2. Recruitment - gender balance is approaching 50/50.  #shecanstem is working.
    3. New Business
      1. Climate action plan (hosted by Mayor) information is out. Adam will invite students to give comment.
    4. Work Session Agenda
      1. PTO
      2. 501C3
      3. Ask the students to brainstorm ideas to save money at school or bring revenue into STrEaM


  1. Anything else for the Good of the order
    1. Opportunity to let our legislators hear from the Budget Committee know how you feel about the proposed budget cuts from the Mayor. The Anchorage LIO this Sunday 2 pm - 5pm- talk about the budget
    2. Matsu Lio is this Sunday noon to 4pm
    3. Kluever’s retirement party is coming
  2. Verify next meeting:
    1. Apr. 8, 2019 at 5:30 pm
    2. May 13, 2019 at 5:30 pm
  3. Executive session to talk about evaluation and contract
    1. Motion to go into executive session by Gayle at 7:05pm
    2. Second by Whitney
    3. Unanimous vote

Board meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm