May 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

May 13, 2019 Board Meeting

Wayland Baptist Conference Room 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Called to Order at 5:31 pm

Board Present:

Teacher Rep Seat (A) Richard Bierer Faculty / Staff

Seat (B) - Vacant - (optional)

Parent Rep Seat (C) Rosa Salazar-Sanchez - telephonically

Parent Rep Seat (E) Heather Swanson

Community Seat (F) Sylvia Biondich - Secretary

Community Seat (G) Meredith Gutierrez - Vice Chair 

Founder Seat (P) Vacant - (held for Founder upon request)

Founder Seat (R) Whitney D’Atri Board Excused Absent:

Parent Rep Seat (D) Philippe Janicka

Community/Parent Seat (H) Gayle Boyer

Founder Seat (Q) Scott Kluever

Principal: Adam Mokelke

Guests: Charlie Palmer, 6th grade parent



1. Introductions & Purpose Statement

2. Review and Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes a. Review and Approval of Agenda i. Whitney moves to add 10 minutes to the Principal Update on the Agenda and to accept the Minutes as Submitted and Posted on the website ii. Heather seconds the motion iii. No discussion - Motion passed unanimously

3. Persons to be heard (public comment) Charlie Palmer has GIS update to our STEM education. Singleton will meet with Meredith and Charlie re this program.

4. Reports a. Principal Update i. Last week of school! Rapid’s Report has complete notes on what is going on in the school ii. Staff and Students have met and discussed positive school culture goals for next year 1. Focus on SEL 2. Positive celebrations 3. STAR badges 4. Behavior and Discipline 5. Interviewing for School Counselor iii. Master Schedule is almost in place iv. Staffing is looking good. New AA has been hired. v. MAPs testing is done. Mastery tests will be done Tuesday. vi. Wayland facilities lease has been signed for next year vii. Lottery numbers are good. Projected enrollment is 154 students with 57 sixth graders (hope to have 60) 8th graders will be capped. b. Professional Development Survey with Staff i. Survey was created by Adam and Megan based on Board’s questions ii. Staff answered the google survey iii. Many of the staff are comfortable with CHAMPS and CPK techniques iv. Biggest challenge at STrEaM was “leadership” and staff think the principal may have taken on too many roles and this impacts the support teachers may require. v. Staff wants Professional Development in Outdoor Experiential Education, Integrating STEM across content, Teaching students who come from Poverty, Mastery Grading and Restorative Disciplines c. Committee Updates (Facility) i. Contractor met with CIHA and did land cost numbers ii. Once we get numbers from Kyle then we will talk with ASD Dave Whiting to know how to start fundraising in a big way iii. We have come a long way this year and done a huge amount of work. d. Staff Liaison - Richard Bierer - (reports and needs) i. Adam gave Richard advise on how to get staff to give updates ii. Lily Goodman-Alright, Science: We had a terrific field trip as part of our 8th grade Science Topics Project on the U-Med Access road project. Students visited the site of the proposed road area, and surveyed the wetlands. Groups of students completed investigations on soils, human uses, birds, mammals, insects, and plants. Students are now using this data to help them develop and justify three proposed alternatives for the proposed (currently tabled, but still in the books) U-Med access road. We used parent and teacher drivers so the cost of this field trip was minimal. We used 15 minutes of lunch time to get ready to go, and 1/2 of advisory on the other end, and this allowed us to have an enjoyable field trip during a Thursday 6th period block. iii. Emily Smith, Language Arts: 8th grade Language Arts classes are using Pre-AP strategies to analyze poems for a variety of poetic elements and figurative language. Every Thursday/Friday, they are creating their own poems based on the models. The poems use imagery, other features of the original models, and watercolor techniques to enhance the imagery. The 6, 7, and 8th grade elective Art-Based Creative Writing is finishing illustrated children's books that we will share at a nearby elementary school. My 8th grade PE classes are creating their own games/activities and utilizing skills such as leadership, creativity, and academic conversations. iv. Richard Bierer, Mathematics: Math 8 is focusing on financial literacy. On April 15th, students filled out a 1040 form for taxes using a generic W2. Since then, students have developed skills in calculating simple/compound interest, the amount of interest paid on installment loans, and how to write a check/keep a checkbook balanced. In the coming weeks, students will engage in a project that will determine the cost of a speeding ticket in dollars per hour, since that is the typical rate of pay for jobs. PreAlgebra students have been focusing on probability and statistics. Learning about vocabulary such as mean, median, and mode, also how to display collected data in a lineplot, box-and-whisker plot, and histogram. Students are also continuing their ALEKS path during class. Coding classes have been developing a code where they have a plane flying through the air. This is difficult since you need to simulate movement by having other object move. This project will also teach students how to orient an object with another object in order to keep them together as they move. v. Nicole Staker Algebra has been working on solving quadratic equations various ways (factoring, graphing, completing the square, using that quadratic formula). Math 7 is creating graph art projects as a means of working with perpendicular and parallel lines. Math 6 will begin their three-dimensional unit/building project this week. Yoga is beginning a posture study project (picking one posture to research and teach the class). vi. Stephanie Gabel 6th Period: Ancient Civilizations; students creating guided notes, artifact, and map of the ancient civilization that they had chosen. 7th Period: Court Cases upcoming. Civil and Supreme court. Megan Gatlin My good thing for the board was our 4 Rock Gym trips last month! Each week students challenged themselves physically and mentally at the Rock Gym. Students encouraged each other and continued to strengthen relationships with each other and the teachers that went along to belay. We kept teacher to student ratio low and students were on their best behavior. Kids over came fears, tested their limits, and surprised themselves! Teachers enjoyed themselves too vii. Terri Draeger In 6th grade science, students are learning about how bridges work. By building toothpick bridges they are learning, supplementary and complementary angles, geometry, compression forces and tension forces. They are also learning, to scale blueprinting and using rulers and protractors. Another factor within the project is the element of working together. Collaborating and time management. viii. Howard Mozen Mozen's PE classes have walked a total of aprox. 52 miles this year. We have taken walking trips to Chugach Foothills, Baxter Bog, Scenic Park Cheney lake and lots of loops in Arnold Muldoon Park. We sledded 8 days this year. We had a guest come and do Aerobic drumming (2 times). We had folks from ADF and G do a training about water safety. We also did a day of training in Moose Safety and had everyone in my classes create a PE game that they presented to the class and the class played. We had a very successful nutrition unit where we studied and explored healthy food options. This culminated in a walking field trip to Carrs where the students bought $5.00/ person of food with groups, and then came back and created meals that were evaluated for nutritional value. ix. Laura-Ashlee Twiford, Language Arts 7th grade: Debates on various topics. Debate format is designed by Twiford and modeled after the Intelligence 2 Podcast. Students are in groups and team resolutions include: - Schools should switch to a four day week - Schools should switch to a year round schedule - Homework should be banned - People should be fined for not voting 8th grade: After reading the novel City of Ember, students watched the film. They will be preparing a compare/contrast ess8th grade: After reading the novel City of Ember, students watched the film. They will be preparing a compare/contrast essay to discuss how changes in the film impact the story. Scott Perkins Peep Dioramas (see attached photo)! Students are taking a point in history and making a diorama utilizing peeps. Kailey Lissner spent some time at home making it awesome. They will add Peeps this week. Outdoor survival making arrow throwers.

5. Action Items a. ()

6. Non-Action Items a. New Business i. Set goals for 2019/20 School year 1. Moved to work session b. Work Session Agenda i. Grant Writing ii. School goals for 2019/2020

7. Anything else for the Good of the order a. nothing

8. Verify next meeting: a. June Work Session meeting at Storm House on Deck June 10th 5:30 b. August 12th at 5:30 pm Board Meeting and Work Session c. November we will have to look ahead for dates

9. Review who will do what by when a. nothing 10. Topics tabled for future meetings or work sessions a. nothing Meeting Adjourned at 6:45 pm