August 2019 APC Board Meeting

August 12,  2019

Board Meeting       Wayland Baptist Room 6 - First Floor       5:30 pm – 6:45 pm


Called to Order at 5:39 pm


Board Present: 

Teacher Rep Seat (A) Richard Bierer, Teacher

Faculty / Staff Seat (B) - Sylvia Biondich, STrEaM AA

Parent Rep Seat (D) Philippe Janicka seat expires 10/2019

Parent Rep Seat (E) Heather Swanson seat expires 10/2019

Community Seat (F) Vacant

Community/Parent Seat (H) Gayle Yip (Happy Birthday)

Community/Parent Seat (I) Caroline Storm, Chair

Founder Seat (P) Vacant - (held for Founder upon request)

Founder Seat (R) Whitney D’Atri


Board Excused Absent: 

Parent Rep Seat (C) Rosa Salazar-Sanchez seat expires 10/2020

Community Seat (G) Meredith Gutierrez - Vice Chair expires 10/2019

Founder Seat (Q) Scott Kluever


Principal: Adam Mokelke

Guests: Founder Andranel Brown, James Rush (new STREaM Parent), Megan Gatlin Projects Coordinator



  1. Introductions & Purpose Statement - read by Madam Chair
    1. Mr. Holsopple introduced himself as our new science teacher
    2. Amy Bonertz introduced herself as new counselor
  2. Review and Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes
    1. Review and Approval of Agenda
      1. Sylvia moves to accept the agenda as written with one change to move UMI Project to Action Agenda from Non-Action Item 
      2. Gayle seconds the motion
      3. Chair call for discussion - No discussion - Motion passed unanimously
  3. Persons to be heard  (public comment) - noone for public contact
  4. Reports
    1. Principal Update 
      1. 147 students
      2. Lightest in 8th grade, 6th grade full
      3. Planning and preparation is strong - preparing for professional development. 100% of our staff is here for the additional day of PD on Wednesday
      4. Kotelman and Draeger wrote a student handbook this summer for our school
      5. The whole first week of school is planned already with team building and engineering challenges for the first three days.
      6. First TREK planned for Camp Gorsuch with the 6th graders
      7. Welcome new staff Mr. Holsopple and Ms. Bonertz
      8. Encumbered funds from last year and now have a reserve fund of $440K
    2. Committee Updates (Facility)
      1. No word back from Kyle at Criterion, which concerns Ms. Storm. Although last contact several months ago he expressed an interest in continuing the relationship.  Caroline will contact him again within the next month and if no response she will contact other contractors and start conversations.


    1. Staff Update - Richard Bierer
      1. “It’s summer and teachers are doing great”
  1. Action Items
    1. Kay Sturm - The Umi Project, LLC
      1. Introduced by Megan Gatlin 
      2. Created Project Umi to help develop PBL / Experiential Ed / PD for teachers
      3. Proposes a partnership with us in order to facilitate a series of visits and workshops on the topic of “The Intentionally Designed School”, in order to support the growth and professional development of STrEaM Academy teachers in SY 2019 - 2020
      4. Proposal on file in the ASA front office Board Manual
      5. Coaching & Consulting and Professional Development
      6. Total project cost is above the amount the principal has discretion to approve (not to exceed $8,450.00)
      7. Principal Mokelke would like the board to consider approving this expenditure after he has spent a year in development with Kay Sturm, Megan Gatlin and himself.
      8. Already a consultant with ASD (with CTE and King Tech)
      9. Sylvia moves to fund the proposal presented by Kay Sturm
      10. Heather seconds the motion to fund the proposal present by Kay Sturm
      11. Open for discussion: discussion on cost of proposal, discussion about the value of professional development as proposed by the UMI Project, discussion on how we will measure the value of this proposal
      12. Chair called to vote on proposal - motion passes unanimously
    2. Reconsider Day of week for Board Meeting (Tues., Wed., Thurs.)
      1. Philippe makes the motion to move the meetings off of Monday
      2. Heather seconds the motion
      3. Discussion on floor about possible days.  
      4. Clarification of motion would be to move from Second Monday to Second Wednesday of every month
      5. Motion passes unanimously
  2. Non-Action Items
    1. Kay Sturm - The Umi Project (moved to action Item in Agenda 
    2. Board Positions - advertising
      1. Verbal resignation from Rosa Sanchez due to move
      2. Rapids Report advertising for seats 
      3. Reaching out to 
    3. 501c 3 status and funds
      1. Application has been reviewed and STrEaM Anchorage need $800.00
        1. Mokelke pledged $100.00
        2. Yip pledged $100.00 and wrote a check
        3. Biondich pledged $100.00 and wrote a check
        4. Richard Bierer pledged money
    4. Work Session Agenda
      1. none
  3. Anything else for the Good of the order
    1. Rosa Sanchez has given us permission to share her intent to resign, based on her family situation
    2. Chair Storm will not be present in November and December 
  4. Verify next meeting: 
    1. September 11, 2019 5:30 pm 
    2. October 9, 2019
    3. November 13, 2019
  5. Review who will do what by when
    1. Caroline will follow up with Kyle from Criterion
  6. Topics tabled for future meetings or work sessions
    1. nothing

Meeting Adjourned  at 7:03 pm