September 2019 Board Meeting

Sept. 11,  2019

Board Meeting       Wayland Baptist Room 6 - First Floor       5:30 pm – 6:45 pm 

Called to Order at 5:38 pm 

Board Present: 

Teacher Rep Seat (A) Richard Bierer, Teacher

Faculty / Staff Seat (B) - Sylvia Biondich, STrEaM AA, Secretary

Parent Rep Seat (C) Vacant seat expires 10/2020

Parent Rep Seat (D) Philippe Janicka seat expires 10/2019 - telephonically present

Parent Rep Seat (E) Heather Swanson seat expires 10/2019 - telephonically present

Community Seat (F) Vacant

Community Seat (G) Meredith Gutierrez - Vice Chair expires 10/2019

Community/Parent Seat (H) Gayle Yip (Happy Birthday)

Community/Parent Seat (I) Caroline Storm, Chair

Founder Seat (P) Vacant - held for Founder upon request

Founder Seat (Q) Vacant - held for Founder upon request

Founder Seat (R) Whitney D’Atri


Board Excused Absent: 


Principal: Adam Mokelke

Guests: Charlie Palmer, James Rush, Amy Proder, Jen Mickelson, Brian Whitson, Andranel Brown, Darrell Vincek (Charter School Liason)



  1. Introductions & Purpose Statement - read by Madam Chair
    1. Richard
    2. Galy()
  2. Review and Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes
    1. Review and Approval of Agenda
      1. Richard moves to accept the agenda as written 
      2. Gayle seconds the motion
      3. Chair call for discussion - No discussion - Motion passed unanimously
  3. Persons to be heard  (public comment)  
    1. Phillippe officially releases his seat and shared his regret that he is out of town and sorry that he has to report telephonically.  Thank you, this experience has been great. Truly believes that our school has a fabulous “student-first” experience. He has been proud to give his elevator pitch about how wonderful this school has been for his children, family and himself, personally.
    2. No other scheduled presentations
  4. Reports
    1. Principal Update 

The school year is off to a GREAT start! Students are engaged and positive about school. Staff have jumped in right away and started engaging projects. We put a lot of time and effort into the launch of the school year, and it paid off. We just got back from our fourth annual whole-school TREK to Arctic Valley, and it was incredible. 


Goals SY19-20: Our focus on school culture thus far is contributing to a strong, positive start. We spent the first week of school on orientation, culture and team building including tye-dying STrEaM shirts, going to Foothills Park as a school, an engineering challenge and daily assemblies. 

On September 4th we had an assembly and gave out our first round of “STAR BADGES” (STEM, TENACITY, ADVENTURE AND RENAISSANCE). 


Attendance: ASD reports on 90% attendance rate, which is the % of students who attend 90% of the time. For 2018-19 our 90% attendance rate was 66%. 


Professional development: Our beginning of the year professional development was carefully planned to be engaging and interactive, and the payoff was multiple teachers saying it was the best PD they had ever done. Our first visit with Kay Sturm was this week. She observed Wednesday through Friday, so she got to see many aspects of our program: project and early release day, staff collaboration, staff meeting, “block” schedule classes Thursday, and a whole school TREK to Arctic Valley Friday. 


Facilities: Amended lease to include recycling bin costs. We now have our own recycling bin on campus! I asked for an audit of our pick up/drop off line, and got ASD representatives from Transportation, Safety and Risk Management to come observe. They gave us high marks for our process and safety, only recommending some signage, which we now have. 


Safety: At the 9/4 assembly we reviewed and discussed the ALICE protocol, then held a whole school evacuation drill to our “rally point” across the park. ASD Safety sent someone to observe and we received high praise for how we communicate ALICE with students and conduct drills. 




 6: 35/ 29/ 64 

7: 29/ 16/ 45 

8: 23/ 15/ 38 

TOTAL: 87/ 60/ 147 


Budget and finance: Count period begins Monday, September 30th and ends Friday November 1. We will receive actual funding based on our average daily membership (ADM). Our projected funding for this year was based on 150 students. We currently have $439,698 in our unallocated (reserve) fund. 

*Initiated conversation on considering homeschool alternatives for 9-12 grades


Calendar and events: 

  • X-C running meet @ Service 3:50 PM Friday 9/13 
  • Kincaid TREK Friday 10/4 
  • Next APC Meeting 10/9


    1. Committee Updates (Facility)
      1. Criterion Conversation on CIHA land across from Begich Middle School
      2. Kyle at Criterion is hesitant to move forward and provide our estimate because he does not have a good relationship with CIHA
      3. Caroline needs to check back with Tyler at CIHA
      4. Other options still include Sams Club (although renovation will be very high - in excess of $70/sq foot)
      5. We will continue to look at other options - money is the real issue now.  Estimate to build is high - construction alone is five - eight million, not including land or planning etc. ($250/sq foot)
    2. Staff Update - Richard Bierer


Our year started off wonderfully. We had a full week of welcome to get the students acclimated with our school. This also gave our staff an opportunity to focus on our school’s climate and culture, an area of focus for improvement this year. The following are the responses I got from staff members about their first month of school. 


(Math) Bierer - School started off quickly and with a big focus on positive interactions. My math classes have been going really smoothly. Students have been working on using Google Classroom and electronic texts to read and complete practice assignments. Next week we will have students begin to work with our online mathematics software, ALEKS. I am also teaching MTSS classes in order to better support students in mathematics. 


(PE) Mozen - First few weeks feel very healthy. The intention of the assemblies and the activities seemed clear and productive. This is the first year that we are doing combined PE classes. This has been going well. Perkins and I are interested in working collaboratively. As we settle in to regular PE classes we are seeing student behaviors that include non-participation, and refusal to join the organized activities. We are working on ideas to make this better. In general, my perception is that the student population is more positive. I think this is because some students who were negative and did not want to be here left the school. 


(Science) Draeger - Welcome Week was a total school cultural game changer. After school lego robotics club got off to a great start this week! 


(Science) Goodman-Alright - In Science we have started working on our FIRE project. We are tackling the question: "Does our campus need to be protected from wildfire?" (Essentially -- "could this campus burn and if so is this campus FIREwise?") Students will be spending this term doing field and lab investigations to answer the question and will present their findings. In STEM we have launched our investigations of the South Fork Chester Creek Renovation project. We will be doing several weeks of field investigations on block days and will analyze data on the shorter days. Students will present their findings at the showcase. 


(Science) Holsopple - Classes are awesome, and are settling into routines. Projects are underway, and exciting things are either planned or are happening already. I'm looking forward to students being able to showcase their model solar homes at the student-led conferences in October. 


(Social Studies & PE) Perkins - Year four train has left the station. It's time, hang on and enjoy the ride. It amazing to see the program we have developed over the past three years. Major kudos to the teachers who through their individuality have created such awesome program within their own classrooms. As a founding teacher I feel I have the right to say every year has presented us with new challenges. I don't see this year being any different. I think the staff we have can overcome anything. I would like to comment on my class of ODS. I think it has become a true staple of stream academy. I love what it has become, and this year we get to introduce archery into the mix.


  1. Action Items
    1. Appointment of new board members to vacant seats
      1. Interested parents present
        1. Jen Mickelson is interested in appointment to a community seat
        2. Brian Whitson is interested in appointment to a parent seat
        3. James Rush is interested in appointment to a parent seat
        4. Charlie Palmer is interested in appointment to a parent seat
      2. Meredith moves to discuss if the vacated seat C should be appointed tonight or wait until elections
        1. Whitney seconds
        2. Point of clarification: three seats for parent/guardian that can be appointed, instead of appointing 
        3. Activation of new seats should go through the election process
        4. Discussion closed
      3. Meredith moves that Seat C be filled at election
        1. Whitney seconds
        2. Discussion closed - Passed unanimously
      4. Sylvia moves that Seat J be open for next election
        1. Seconded by Gayle
        2. Passed unanimously
      5. Sylvia moves that Seat F be filled by Community Member Jen Mickelson
        1. Seconded by Whitney seconds
        2. Discussion open - 
        3. Called for vote - passed unanimously
    2. Non-Action Items
    3. Board Positions - advertising
    4. 501c 3 status and funds
      1. Have not yet filed due to lack of funds - need another $200.00
    5. Work Session Agenda
      1. Home school conversation starter
      2. Facilities - where do we go now
      3. Amend the by-laws to take link off position of parent liaison from Seat C and adding a position for parliamentarian
      4. Status of 501C3


  1. Anything else for the Good of the order
    1. Add agenda item for next month on GIS with Charlie - public comment
  2. Verify next meeting: 
    1. October 9, 2019 5:30 
    2. November 13, 2019
    3. December 11, 2019
  3. Review who will do what by when
    1. Adam will send out for more advertising from the print shop
    2. Caroline will check in Tyler at CIHA
    3. Adam will follow up on parent comments about emails home
    4. Adam will have a ballet done for next APC meeting with name on the correct seats
  4. Topics tabled for future meetings or work sessions
    1. Homeschool option for 9-12 grades - change of charter

Meeting Adjourned  at 7:15 pm