October 2019 APC Meeting

October 09,2019

Board Meeting       Wayland Baptist Room 6 - First Floor       5:30 pm – 6:45 pm


Called to Order at 5:32 pm


Board Present: 

Teacher Rep Seat (A) Richard Bierer, Teacher (expires 10/2020) 

Faculty / Staff Seat (B) - Sylvia Biondich, STrEaM AA, Secretary (seat expires 10/2021)

Parent Rep Seat (C) Vacant (two year seat-left vacant-expires 2020)

Parent Rep Seat (D) Vacant (one year seat expires annually)

Parent Rep Seat (E) Heather Swanson (one year seat expires 10/2019) 

Community Seat (F) Jen Mickelson (two year seat expires 10/2020)


Community/Parent Seat (H) Gayle Yip (two year seat expires 10/2020)

Community/Parent Seat (I) Caroline Storm, Chair (two year seat expires 10/2020)

Founder Seat (P) Andranel Brown (renews annually in October)

Founder Seat (Q) Vacant - held for Founder upon request (renews annually in October)

Founder Seat (R) Whitney D’Atri (renews annually in October)


Please note that Term Limitations in the Bylaws states: APC seats are limited to three (3) consecutive terms with the exception of a term extension which must be approved by a majority of a quorum)


Board Excused Absent: 

Community Seat (G) Meredith Gutierrez - Vice Chair (two year seat expires 10/2019)


Principal: Adam Mokelke

Guests: Darrell Vincek, Charlie Palmer, James Rush



  1. Introductions & Purpose Statement - read by Madam Chair


  1. Review and Approval of Consent Agenda (agenda and minutes from previous meeting)
    1. Review and Approval of Consent Agenda
      1. Andranel moves to accept the consent agenda as written 
      2. Heather seconds the motion
      3. Chair call for discussion - No discussion - Motion passed unanimously
  2. Persons to be heard  (public comment)  
    1. Charley Palmer - update on incorporating GIS into curriculum
      1. Lilly Goodman-Allwright is school administrator for GIS
  3. Reports
    1. Principal Update 

We are already coming up on the end of the second quarter. October will FLY by with short weeks, conferences and big events on the horizon. On Wednesdays, students are working on their “I Am” projects again this year, building towards the “I Am” potluck and celebration on October 30th.

Goals SY19-20:

School culture is strongly positive: we’ve turned a corner and things have leveled off in year 4. We’ve had two school-wide assemblies, celebrating positives and giving “STAR” badges for STEM, Tenacity, Adventure and Renaissance. Advisory is a focal point, with weekly SEL lessons pulled and adapted from Lions Quest curriculum to fit our restorative practices. Advisors are using restorative circles to discuss SEL topics such as goal setting, self confidence and stress management. Advisory includes academic focus time, building digital student portfolios. We’ve had just two out of school suspensions, each for one day. Last year we had 15 suspensions at this point in the school year.

Here is a tangible example of “turning the corner”: teachers have speculated Wednesdays and TREKS may be seen as “optional” by students and parents in the past. On 10/4 we went to Kincaid for the day and it was cold, windy and pouring rain in the morning. We had 137 of 150 students show up: 91% attendance!

Professional development: ​Our whole staff will be in Youth Mental Health First Aid training on Friday, October 11th. Mrs. Gatlin and Ms. Krejca are currently taking an extensive Wilderness First Responder class, which certifies them for 4 years and will reduce or eliminate the need to contract WFR personnel (Onward and Upward services, for example).

Activities: ​Our first EVER sports team, Cross Country Running, is coached by Mr. Mozen and Mr. Perkins. They have had a fantastic first season with strong participation, and are finishing up with the championships Thursday 10/10 at Kincaid. Next comes X-C Skiing, which begins January 7th 2020.

Enrollment: ​Gender balance is much better than last year (93 boys, 55 girls at a similar time)






















Staff: ​It has been a major positive payoff to hire a counselor, and Amy Bonertz has been great. She is working with students and supporting staff, dealing with behavior issues and has taken a lot off of my plate. Sylvia has been an OUTSTANDING addition as the AA. Her positive can-do attitude shines a constant bright light on our program. Mr. Holsopple has been an absolute rock-star science teacher- check out the projects he has done with 7th grade science and STEM. Our new hires are GREAT additions, making our school a better place.

Budget and finance: ​Count period began September 30th and runs four full weeks, ending Friday October 25th. We receive actual funding based on our average daily membership (ADM) over this 4 week period. Our projected funding for this year was based on 150 students.

We currently have $510,576 in our unallocated (reserve) fund, combining a rollover amount of $439,698 with FY20 unallocated amount of $70,878. Last year we had $300,000 in reserves.

In November I will receive our adjusted funding for this year, provide ASD with a projection for next year and begin preparing the 20-21 budget for the APC to approve and send on to ASD.

Calendar and events:

  • No School 10/11, 10/18, 10/25
  • Wednesday 10/16 Girls in Science hosted by STrEaM!
  • Wednesday 10/16-18 Dr. Sturm here, leading PD on 10/18
  • Monday 10/21 Second Quarter begins
  • Wed. 10/23-Thursday 10/24 Early Release, Student-Led conferences until 5 PM
  • Wed. 10/30 first quarter awards assembly 8:00 AM, “I Am” project celebration 5:00 PM
  • Next APC meeting 11/13


Project Highlights

Solar Home Design (7th STEM)

Students design and build a model of a home which exists in harmony with its surroundings, utilizes the forces of nature to perform its functions, and uses the natural forms of energy that are continually available to us.

Multi-genre Newspaper Project (8th ELA/Soc Stud)

Students research and prepare a newspaper on a specific genre using skills that they learned in ELA class and integrating content learned in social studies.

Fire Project (8th Science)

Students explore what materials are flammable, how they burn, what materials are located close to our campus in order to make recommendations for how we can prevent fire damage to our building.

Chanshtnu Park Project (8th STEM)

Students are exploring the natural world around Chester Creek that runs through the new Muldoon park. They will take samples of macroinvertebrates, water quality, and nitrogen samples to be analyzed by the isotope lab at UAA to compare over time.

Coffee Cart Project (Study Skills)

Students are running a weekly coffee cart service to the teachers at STrEaM. Proceeds go towards buying supplies for the cart.

I AM Projects

6th Grade “I Am” Projects (Mrs. Staker, Ms. Draeger, Ms. Gabel):

Essential Question​: Who am I as a person (origin, interests) and where did I come from? Activities​: Name art, name poem, crest and motto, map, I Am Poem, flag, optional activities (recipe, musical or theatrical performance, etc.)

Deadlines​: 9/11 Name Poem and Name Art

9/18 Crest and Motto 9/25 Map

10/2 I Am Poem

10/9 Flag

10/16 Books assembled

10/30 Project complete with optional activities planned and ready to present

Products​: Final book with all required activities (excluding optional activities)

7th Grade “I Am” Projects (Ms. Kotelman, Mr. Holsopple, Mr. Bierer):

Essential Question​: What are the building blocks of my identity?

Activities: Story of your name writing and interview, “I contain multitudes” article annotation & personal connections, parts of me in percentages, silhouettes and illustrations of what makes me ‘me,’ artist statement, personal memoir, cover art

Deadlines & Products:

9/18: Parts of Me pie chart completed

9/25: Parts of Me abstract artwork completed

9/25: Artist Statement completed

10/09: Mini-memoirs completed

10/09: Cover art completed

10/30: Entire project completed and ready to share

Pie charts, abstract art, artist statement, personal memoir, cover art

8th Grade “I Am” Projects (Mrs. Smith, Ms. Goodman, Mr. Perkins):

Essential Question​: Where am I going in 5 years?

Activities​: Haiku, Poem, Mind Mirror, Learning Styles Preference Survey and discussions, discussion/presentation with counselor, categories of a 5 year plan (social/emotional, school/college, career, physical location, other goals), Agamograph for Where I Am Vs. Where I’m Going, multimedia video explaining a 5 year plan.

Deadlines​: Due 9/18: Haiku, Poem, Mind Mirror, Learning Styles Preference Survey, Agamograph for Where I Am

Due 9/25: Agamograph for Where I Am Vs. Where I’m Going

Due 10/2: Started on video

Due 10/16: At least half of video

Due 10/23: Video due (and everything else should already be completed)

Main “BIG” Products​: Final Draft of Where I’m Going Poem, Agamograph for Where I Am Vs. Where I’m Going + multimedia video explaining a 5 year plan.


    1. Committee Updates (Facility)
      1. There is little hope that we will be able to move forward with a facility in the next 18 months due to the “temperature in Juneau”
      2. We will need to endure this situation (state government and fiscal situation) unless we can get a philanthropic grant (which is highly unlikely)
      3. We will continue to talk to developers but we can continue to work on the program development.
      4. We have shifted to the long term possibilities now.  Perhaps now is the time to look into bonds for a charter school campus.
    2. Staff Update - Richard Bierer


Richard Bierer Staff Liaison Report 2019/09/11 

The first quarter is nearly at an end and it has come quickly! We are all working hard as a staff to keep students caught up with their projects and classwork. Here are a few reports from the staff members themselves. 


Mr. Bierer - My multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) math class spent time using rulers and protractors to measure out squares on paper. Student then cut them out and created cubes. Using this physical model, we related the concepts of area, surface area, and volume. 


Ms. Draeger - Students are 100% engaged in Rocketry Class. Tuesday 10/08/2019, Students got to launch their final Rockets at Foothills Park. Mr. B's and Mrs. Smith's classes came to watch the spectacular science in action. At stream science if FUN! 🙂 


Ms. Kotelman - in 7th grade we are writing short memoirs as a part of the I am celebration. These memoirs contain a memory of a defining moment. Students must write it in the form of a narrative using descriptive sensory details to make the story come alive for their readers Sixth graders are working on elements of short stories. We have read several stories and practiced citing evidence and discussing theme, including comparing and contrasting a film version of a short story 


Mr. Mozen - On September 30th, the Anchorage School District parked a trailer full of 35 bikes for our students at STrEaM to ride. This has been an excellent activity, with almost every student riding. Seven of our students did not know how to ride a bike, but have spent time with assistance trying to learn on these bikes that have been made available to us. At least two of those students have learned to ride, and all will have opportunities for riding these bikes until October 18th. 


Ms. Goodman-Allwright - Despite being kept indoors many days by hazardous air quality at the beginning of the year, we've still been able to use our outdoor classroom for learning and inquiry 11/19 of the days in Science, In STEM we've gone on four off-campus field trips so far. On two of those we took the Anchorage People Mover Bus to our field site. 


Ms. Smith - 8th Gr ELA: We finished figurative language recently and are starting on a paired project with Social Studies called Westward Expansion Newspaper Research Project. Students will be able to: research, cite sources using APA, write notes, use notes to write informational articles in a newspaper, and create an overall newspaper with images and various, chosen genres of writing about Westward Expansion/Manifest Destiny. 


6, 7, 8th Gr ELA Intervention/MTSS: We continue to use National Geographic's INSIDE materials, Level C, to learn prerequisite ELA skills for grade-level readiness. After MAP testing in September, many students were moved OUT of Intervention (yay!) and into regular, grade level classes. Only 2 students were moved INTO the Intervention class. In addition, many students were added to a watch list for possible readiness to move OUT of Intervention in December (yay!)! We are making good progress! :) 


6th Gr Robotics: We are continuing to code and program student-built robots. Most recently, students added a touch sensor to robots and programmed the robot to touch a box and move around it. 


6, 7, 8th Gr Drama Elective: We are learning about improvisation techniques: making an offer, accepting offers, advancing the scene, and committing to the scene. We will soon learn a few puppetry basics. At the end of the quarter, half of the class will remain in Drama and become leaders of teams of new students who will join the class for Quarter 2. Together, Quarter 2 Drama class will create either a puppet show or a one act play to perform at the Showcase in December AND hopefully to perform at a local elementary school.


  1. Action Items
    1. Nomination and Election / approval of officers: Chair, Vice, Sec
      1. Secretary
        1. Whitney nominated Sylvia to continue as Secretary
        2. Andranel seconded the nomination
        3. Chair called for discussion and vote - passed unanimously
      2. Vice Chair
        1. Richard nominated Gayle to serve as Vice Chair
        2. Heather seconded the nomination
        3. Chair called for discussion and vote - passed unanimously
      3. Chair
        1. Whitney nominated Caroline Storm to continue to serve as Chair
        2. Heather seconded the nomination
        3. Chair called for discussion and vote - passed unanimously
  2. Non-Action Items
    1. Board Positions - October Ballot
      1. Seat C - James Rush
      2. Seat D - Charley Palmer
      3. Seat E - Heather Swanson
      4. Seat H - Gayle Yip
    2. 501c3 status and funds
      1. Will be filed in the next two weeks
      2. Need to fund raise to pay for the money to cover the fees incurred
    3. Work Session Agenda
      1. Charter School Campus through public bond process
      2. Update the website
      3. Bylaws update proposal
  3. Anything else for the Good of the order
    1. Alaska Association of School Boards Training this Saturday at King Tech
    2. Petition out that LT Gov Meyer has agreed that organizers can continue to collect signatures on the resolution for education - an initiative on the general election ballot to provide a mechanism for legislators to advocate for better education funding. Education Policy Initiative Alaska
  4. Verify next meeting: 
    1. November 13, 2019 (Gayle Yip will lead - Caroline will do the agenda before
    2. December 11, 2019
    3. January 8, 2020
  5. Review who will do what by when
    1. The APC will work on the wording for the bylaws to reflect the addition of a parliamentarian
    2. Caroline will prepare the agenda prior departing
    3. Gayle will lead the next two meetings
  6. Topics tabled for future meetings or work sessions
    1. nothing

Meeting Adjourned  at 6:47 pm