November 2019 APC Board Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2019

Board Meeting       Wayland Baptist Room 6 - First Floor       5:30 pm – 6:45 pm


Called to Order at 5:32 pm


Board Present: 

Teacher Rep Seat (A) Richard Bierer, Teacher (expires 10/2020) 

Faculty / Staff Seat (B) - Sylvia Biondich, STrEaM AA, Secretary (seat expires 10/2021)

Parent Rep Seat (C) James Rush  (two year seat expires 10/2020)

Parent Rep Seat (D) Charley Palmer (one year seat expires 10/2020)

Parent Rep Seat (E) Heather Swanson (one year seat expires 10/2020) 

Community Seat (F) Jen Mickelson (two year seat expires 10/2020)

Community Seat (G) Vacant (two year seat expires 10/2021)

Community/Parent Seat (H) Gayle Yip (two year seat expires 10/2022)

Community/Parent Seat (I) Caroline Storm, Chair (two year seat expires 10/2022)

Founder Seat (P) Andranel Brown (renews annually in October)

Founder Seat (Q) Vacant - held for Founder upon request (renews annually in October)

Founder Seat (R) Whitney D’Atri (renews annually in October)


Please note that Term Limitations in the Bylaws states: APC seats are limited to three (3) consecutive terms with the exception of a term extension which must be approved by a majority of a quorum)


Board Excused Absent: 

Community/Parent Seat (I) Caroline Storm, Chair (two year seat expires 10/2022)


Principal: Adam Mokelke

Guests: Melissa Reid



  1. Introductions - Purpose Statement
    1. To ensure the reality of STrEaM aligns with the vision: to empower students to be involved learners, critical thinkers and engaged citizens who are inspired by the natural world.
  2. Consent Agenda Approval - agenda and minutes from October 
    1. Discussion on consent agenda adjustments
    2. Motion to adjust by guest speakers from Kotelman to Reid by D’atri, Seconded by Rush, unanimous approval
    3. Motion to approve amended agenda by Bierer, seconded by Mickelson, unanimous approval
    4. D’atri moved to approve October Meeting minutes, seconded by Brown and unanimous approval
  3. Persons to be Heard
    1. Melissa Reid - current and alumni parent - working with Howard Mozen - did a cost analysis on 20 cross country skiing team is over $14.5K with equipment and one coach.  If we had our dream of gear and extra busses for practice the cost is over $30K. She suggests that we do a student sponsorship ($720.00 per student) She is focused on fund-raising now.  
    2. Laura-Ashlee Kotelman - sharing student portfolios
  4. Reports
    1. Principal Update

Principal’s Report to the Academic Policy Committee For November 13th, 2019 


First quarter wrapped up and we are well into quarter 2. Our 2nd annual “I Am” celebration night was a huge success: many commented that we’ve outgrown the WBU auditorium as a venue for this event. We continue to focus on positive school culture and the vibe of our school is strong. We can attribute this several actions: hiring a counselor, adding sports programs, regular assemblies, implementing a student handbook, increased focus on advisory, team building, incorporating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) into advisory, meeting and greeting students, building relationships and growing restorative practices (over punitive consequences). 


Professional development: 

About half our staff participated in “Archery Tag” at the Arctic Rec Center on 11/6, providing a team-building in an active, fun way. Staff spent a full day with Dr. Sturm on 10/18, focused on building collaboration, communication and community, and strengthening deeper learning teaching practice. Staff participated in Youth Mental Health First Aid training on 10/11. Chris Krejca and Megan Gatlin took a Wilderness First Responder course and are now WFR certified! 



Cross Country Skiing will begin when we return from school in January. Estimate costs for Cross Country running: $7,200. Approximately $2000 will be offset by fees collected. 




6: 32 / 31 / 63 

7: 29 / 17 / 46 

8: 23 / 15 / 38 

T: 84 / 63 / 147 



We have accepted the resignation of our SPED TA Emily Stephens. Emily was hired midway through our first year. She has been a great asset to our school, supporting students and working closely with teachers. Emily is finishing a Bachelor’s degree and plans to substitute and focus on her Master’s. 

Posted the X-C ski coaching position internally. 

The latest “STAFF SPOTLIGHT” installment is on Ms. Draeger: 


Budget and Finance: 

20-21 Budget: I have begun preliminary work on the 2020-21 budget. I provided an enrollment projection of 150 students for 20-21 to the district. Our initial funding allocation of 1,903,846 is based on this projection. Our budget will need to be approved by the APC and submitted to the district in December. ASD is changing the way they allocate Special Education funding for the coming year as well. 

From Andy Ratliff: 

“The District is moving away from the current practice of charging charter schools for the District-wide cost of special programs (Special Ed, ELL, Gifted, Native Ed, CTE) and then giving credits back to the schools as those services are provided to students. Funding for charter schools will now be calculated based on the State Foundation Formula and all funding generated in the formula for special programs (20% Special Programs and 1.5% CTE) will be given to the schools as part of their budget. Charter schools will be expected to provide those services to the students out of their total budget. For those schools using the District’s related services personnel, such as Speech, OT/PT, Psychology, etc… you will still be able to purchase those services from the District based on the hourly rate. I believe we’ll be discussing this more at the meeting on the 20th.

With this change, we hope to make funding more stable and predictable for charters as the amounts the District puts into special programs will not have an effect on charter funding. Once the OASIS count is done in October, charter funding will have much less volatility as they will not be subject to changes in what the District actually spends throughout the year. There will still be some true-up at the end of the year to give schools their share of interest earnings and Federal Impact Aid but the magnitude of the change in revenue will not be nearly as significant. While I do think the current model incentivizes schools to provide services to students, the administrative burden and the potential for misunderstanding how the funding works necessitates this change.”


Liability insurance increased from $5,876 last year to $10,656 this year. All charter schools saw a similar increase. 


Calendar and events: 

  • Celebrate Alaska Native and American Indian heritage this month. 

○ Friday November 15th is “Rock your Mocs” day. We can celebrate by wearing Native American clothing (Kuspuks, etc.) and/or wearing teal ribbons. 

  • Thursday 11/28 and Friday 11/29: No school. Gobble gobble! 
  • 12/3 and 12/5: Winter MAP testing 
  • 12/14 (Saturday) Robotics Competition at Begich 9 AM to 5 PM 
  • 12/16 3:30 to 5:30: First semester Student Showcase 
  • 12/19 last day/end Quarter 2


Project Update From Megan Gatlin 2nd Quarter Projects 

Teacher Projects 

Bierer Pre-Algebra: Formula Presentations MTSS Math 7 & 8: Tetrahedron Projects 

Draeger 6th Science: HomeEc: Food Drive, Finance Project & Sewing Project 

Gabel 6th SS: Word Origin Analysis Etc. 7th SS: Gummy Bear Government Mini-Project, Mock Trial 

Goodman 8th Science: Wayfinding 8th STEM: Chester Creek - Was it worth it? Project Kotelman 6th ELA: 7th ELA: Passion Research Project 

Krejca Study Skills: Coffee Cart Project 

Holsopple 7th Science: Structure and Function of Life w/Frog Dissection 7th STEM: Junk Drawer Science w/Human Body Olympics 

Mozen 6th PE: Nutrition Project 7th PE: Nutrition Project 

Perkins 8th SS: Genre Newspaper Project (w/ELA) First Aid: Treatment Project 

Smith 8th ELA: Genre Newspaper Project (w/SS) Drama: Performance 

Staker 6th Math: Coordinate graphing project, possibly ratio/percent (if time and/or if we get to it this quarter) 


6th Wed: Coordinate art project and ratio project to go with social studies animal migration project 

7th Wed: Forensics Project - Trial by Jury 

8th Wed: Wayfinding & Genre Newspaper


    1. Committee Updates (none)
    2. ASD SB Public Testimony recap - Whitney D’Atri

Caroline and Whitney went to the last school board meeting to speak on the behalf of STrEaM weighing in on the Aquarian building bond issue.  The school board will vote on that. Our big point was that Aquarian is the only Charter in a public building and the only charter school that will have the option of bonded repairs.  Delicate point because we can’t stand with Aquarian because the equity of financial support is not present. The feeling is that the school board will approve the bond for the building that Aquarian is occupying.

    1. Staff Update and Needs report - Staff Liaison, Richard Bierer


Halfway through quarter two and our projects are getting pretty awesome! Here are a few reports from the teachers on what they are doing in their classrooms. 


Mr. Bierer - In my math classes, we learned how to use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the size of a hypotenuse given the length of the legs. From that, students used a protractor and ruler to create right triangles to form a spiral of Theodorus.

Mr. Mozen - The STrEaM PE program is having an exciting 2nd quarter. Capitalizing on the mild temperatures, we continue to play outside every day. We had a "Capture the Flag" unit. Now we are teaching basketball skills as we have brought out our two portable basketball hoops. (We could use another high quality portable basketball hoop because one of ours is in poor repair). This month we had guest speakers from the Kids Don’t Float program Alaska Office of Boating Safety. They spoke to every student at STrEaM. To follow up on Kids Don’t Float classroom learning, all STrEaM 7th graders are invited November 12th on a field trip to West High School to spend time in their pool to do more learning related to water and boating safety. The students seem particularly interested in our mile loop in Arnold Muldoon Park. Those trails have been well used this year, and truly support our mission of finding inspiration in the outdoors. 

Mr. Holsopple - 7th grade science started Q2 with a frog dissection, which was super exciting. Pictures are in the shared drive. 

7th grade STEM is using Q2 to study body system, and have built models of the anatomy or physiology using "junk-drawer science." I have examples of these in room 110 if you would like to see them, but I don't have pictures of them. 

Ms. Gabel - Sixth graders did a presentation in the auditorium!


  1. Action Items
    1. Dr. Sturm - Proposal for 2nd Semester contract
    2. Dr. Sturm - contract for strategic planning facilitation
      1. Discussion on the proposal for professional development Q2
      2. Motion to accept the proposal for Q2 by Palmer, seconded by D’Atri, unanimous approval
  2. Non-Action Items
    1. STrEaM to add High School Homeschool Option
    2. GIS elective - status
    3. Work Session agenda
      1. Cross Country Skiing Fundraising (Melissa Reid)
    4. Anything else for the good of the order?
      1. Quorum for Dec 11th is questionable. D’Atri Move to cancel the meeting and have just a work session in December, Rush seconded, unanimous approval
  3. Verify next meeting: Date, Time and Location
    1. December 11, 2019, 5:30 pm, Room 6 WBU  Work session only on Dec 11th
    2. January 8, 2020, 5:30 pm, Room 6 WBU
  4. Review who will do what by when
  5. Topic tabled for future meetings or work sessions
    1. Strategic planning
    2. Approve budget at Dec 11th meeting
    3. Recognize Emily Stephens, TA, at December meeting
    4. Homeschool options for 9th grade?
    5. January work session agenda - cap the time on the meetings!
    6. Board retreat needs to be discussed and planned

Meeting adjorned at 7:50am