January 2020 APC Board Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2020

Board Meeting       Wayland Baptist Room 6 - First Floor       5:30 pm – 6:45 pm


Called to Order at 5:35 pm


Board Present: 

Teacher Rep Seat (A) Richard Bierer, Teacher (expires 10/2020) 

Faculty / Staff Seat (B) - Sylvia Biondich, STrEaM AA, Secretary (seat expires 10/2021)

Parent Rep Seat (C) James Rush  (two year seat expires 10/2020) LATE ARRIVAL AT 6:35PM EXCUSED

Parent Rep Seat (D) Charley Palmer (one year seat expires 10/2020)

Parent Rep Seat (E) Heather Swanson (one year seat expires 10/2020) 

Community Seat (F) Jen Mickelson (two year seat expires 10/2020)

Community Seat (G) Vacant (two year seat expires 10/2021)

Community/Parent Seat (H) Gayle Yip (two year seat expires 10/2022)

Community/Parent Seat (I) Caroline Storm, Chair (two year seat expires 10/2022)

Founder Seat (P) Andranel Brown (renews annually in October)

Founder Seat (Q) Vacant - held for Founder upon request (renews annually in October)

Founder Seat (R) Whitney D’Atri (renews annually in October)


Please note that Term Limitations in the Bylaws states: APC seats are limited to three (3) consecutive terms with the exception of a term extension which must be approved by a majority of a quorum)


Board Excused Absent: 

Principal: Adam Mokelke

Guests: Melissa Reid, Laura-Ashlee Kotleman



  1. Introductions - Purpose Statement
    1. To ensure the reality of STrEaM aligns with the vision: to empower students to be involved learners, critical thinkers and engaged citizens who are inspired by the natural world.
  2. Consent Agenda Approval - agenda and minutes from November (no Dec. meeting) 
    1. Discussion on consent agenda adjustments
    2. Motion to accept consent agenda by D’Atri, Seconded by Yip; Discussion: Agenda timeline needs to be reviewed. 
    3. Unanimous approval
  3. Persons to be Heard
    1. Laura-Ashlee Kotelman - sharing about advisory and student portfolios
  4. Reports
    1. Principal Update
      1. Updates on enrollment and recruitment and activities
      2. Update on Professional Development updates and plans
    2. Committee Updates (none)
      1. Facilities (none)
      2. Fundraising (none)
    3. Staff Update and Needs report - Staff Liaison, Richard Bierer
      1. Project Highlights from Megan Gatlin
      2. Staff relays messages via Richard - no current needs
      3. Congratulations to Terri Draeger on her engagement
  5. Action Items
    1. 2020/21 Budget
      1. Gayle moves we accept the budget Adam submitted to the ASD district office, Charley seconds
      2. Discussion
      3. Unanimous approval
    2. Dr. Sturm - contract for strategic planning facilitation
      1. Whitney moves we table this discussion to a non-action items in February, Heather seconds
      2. Discussion
      3. Unanimous Approval
  6. Non-Action Items
    1. STrEaM to add High School Homeschool Option 
      1. Open 9-12
      2. In response to parent requests
      3. Hire one teacher for 50 kids
      4. HS gets funded at 90%, thus it is cost effective
      5. Board Members are to compile questions and concerns in the next two weeks and submit them to Adam for presentation at February 2020 meeting (as Non-Action Item)
      6. The bigger conversation is the 8th grade transitioning and how will we address this issue without growing the brick and mortar
      7. Discussion on creating a sub committee to discuss options
    2. GIS elective - status
      1. Richard Bierer (6th grade elective) has been writing the curriculum, in collaboration with Lilly Goodman-Allwright (8th grade) and Zeb Holsopple (7th grade)
      2. Charlie Palmer will be presenting to Goodman-Allwright’s classes this year.  ASA does have GIS accounts to use this platform for her classes.
      3. Nov 18, 2020 is National GIS day!
    3. Recruitment
      1. Lottery is open
      2. Megan Gatlin is using Student Ambassadors to tour local elementary schools
      3. We are decorating Fred Meyer Click List Bags
      4. We could sponsor a Bike to Work Treat Stop May 15th
    4. Sports Fundraising
      1. Presentation of draft fundraiser letter by Melissa Reid
      2. Working with setting up School Business Partnerships
    5. Work Session agenda
      1. Meeting length
  7. Anything else for the good of the order?
    1. ASD email account status?
    2. After ASD school board testimony re Aquarian - Aquarian called to let us know that appreciated our support and offered future support
  8. Verify next meeting: Date, Time and Location
    1. February 12, 2020, 5:30 pm, Room 6 WBU
    2. March 18, 2020, Room 6 WBU
  9. Review who will do what by when
    1. Board members will gather data for new sub committee to discuss high school options
  10. Topic tabled for future meetings or work sessions
    1. Strategic planning
    2. Board retreat needs to be discussed and planned

Meeting adjourned at 7:41pm