Mar. 29: ASD Memorandum #137

Thank you! We appreciate the commitment of the Chugiak and Eagle River communities to our neighborhood schools—continuing to build educational experiences for students that meet the District mission of student success.


The School Board and Administration thank the Board Ad Hoc Committee and community for their hard work to arrive at the decision for the short-term plans for the Eagle River schools affected by the November 30 earthquake.


On March 18, 2019, the School Board voted six “Yea” and one “Not present at vote”  to approve and adopt the resolution in support of the Chugiak/Eagle River Ad Hoc Committee recommendations for earthquake repairs, seismic upgrades, and roof replacement of Eagle River Elementary in the amount of $12.1 million and Gruening Middle School in the amount of $24.2 million, for a total amount of $36.3 million. (ASD Memorandum #137)


The Committee further recommended the formation of a separate committee to address long-term programmatic issues at Chugiak/Eagle River schools.


Additionally, the District is working to resolve short-term academic, logistical, and operational issues to support the schools that have received students from Eagle River Elementary and Gruening Middle school.


The planning currently underway will address not only repairs due to the earthquake damage, but also modifications and improvements to some of the previous design and construction issues with these facilities.

  • Engineering reports are online now here at this site for review and download
  • Boundary maps are online and available