September 11, 2018 — ASD and Strategies 360 Scope and Cost

Statement from Dr. Deena Bishop, ASD Superintendent

The Anchorage School District is as prudent as possible with its resources. Using state and taxpayer dollars wisely is imperative to us. Strategies 360 and ASD have agreed to a scope and cost. Working with Strategies 360 is all about helping ASD get clear and transparent information out to our students’ families and the public. Strategies 360 has worked with our communication department and encouraged us to publicly provide as much information as legally possible. Balancing student privacy laws, employee privacy rights, and the public’s need and right to know is a task ASD wants to get right so that it is properly serving all of these constituents. Strategies 360 is helping us review and improve processes and develop plans for effective public communications in difficult events.

ASD s360 scope and cost_