August 31, 2018 – Fact Sheet


Actions Taken

  • Students known to have been involved in misconduct received discipline in accordance with ASD policy.
  • Three coaches, including the head coach, have been released from their coaching positions.
  • Dimond High football program resumes with scheduled practices in line with ASAA regulations and games at East High School (“C” team on Wed., Sept. 5; JV and Varsity on Sat., Sept. 8). Additional oversight supervision will report to every practice and game for the remainder of the season.

Initial Findings

  • Monday, August 20, notification to Dimond High School Administration of inappropriate behavior over the football team’s weekend trip to Lathrop High School.
  • Dimond High School Administration immediately notified the Anchorage Police Department (APD) and Anchorage School District (ASD) Superintendent’s office. ASD made the difficult decision to suspend the Dimond High School Football Program from all activity (at least temporarily) to assure safety and a thorough, fair investigation.
  • APD continues an active investigation into the incident.

ASD Policies

  • Nothing matters more to ASD than the safety of its students.
  • Violent and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated under ASD policy and will result in immediate corrective action.
  • ASD has a process it follows upon receiving a complaint that implicates any conduct that violates our expectations for student behavior.

Moving Forward—District-wide: All Programs

  • Mandatory Title IX—Training on Title IX, Sexual Harassment and Hazing. Mandatory attendance will be required of ASD coaches and participating students.
  • Coaching Greatness– Coaching staff will participate in a two-day training program,Coaching Greatness. This customized training is designed to foster behaviors that maximize high performance of teams, both on and off the field, to create a healthy climate and culture.
  • Code of Conduct—Consistent code of conduct for students participating in activities.