Congratulations to Aunika Alch - Youth Summit Award

Aunika Alch - 12th Grader Frontier


Aunika is always willing to try new things and give back to those in need. When a friend from Southern California mentioned a program they had participated in, Aunika was inspired to start her own take on it. She created #HashtagLunchbagANC at the age of 14 and has encouraged many community members to join her each month. They have donated more than 11,300 brown bag lunches to those in need, making 11,300 members of the Anchorage community feel empowered and cared for. Aunika is focused and driven, and when she sets her mind on something, she goes at it 100%. A Spirit of Youth Award winner, she enjoys bringing the community together to raise others up and empower as many people as possible.

The Frontier Staff would like to convey their CONGRATULATIONS to AUNIKA and to her FAMILY!

The Summit Awards is an event recognizing kids for amazing contributions within their community.  While there are many events and awards that focus on academics or athletics, this one focuses on good deeds, kindness, community involvement, friendship in the classroom or just kids doing something awesome in their neighborhood, church or school that makes our area a better place.  Summit Award