Parents: questions to ask of a school you're considering

About the school

  • What makes your school unique?
  • What documents and information do I need to enroll my student?
  • What are the drop off and pick up times and procedures?
  • What are the bus routes?
  • Are there activities or childcare available before and after school?
  • Is there a breakfast program?
  • Do you provide counseling services for students?

Class specific

  • What are the class sizes?
  • Why do you have combination (more than one grade level) classes?
  • What curriculum materials do you use?
  • Will my sixth grader have more than one teacher?
  • Can I get progress reports on a regular basis?
  • What part of the day will my child be in the language class?  (Immersion)
  • How many students are in the program? (Immersion)

Instructional support

  • Do you provide bilingual support?
  • Does this school have any special programs housed in it?
  • Do you offer accelerated programs for gifted students?
  • How can my child be referred to the IGNITE program?
  • How does the curriculum support students who are performing above average?

Parent help

  • What can I do to help my child in school?
  • Do you have an active PTA?
  • How do parents get involved at the school?
  • How can I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

Child’s needs and learning style

  • Use the answers you gave in the “Parents: questions to ask about your child” worksheet to ask the school if it would be a good fit for your child.