Brenda Evans

Evans Known to students for being thoughtful, kind, and humble, Eagle River High School Cafeteria Manager Brenda Evans is recognized for her encouraging support to students and her dedication to the Eagle River community.


Ms. Evans excels at fostering positive relationships every day with her students. A recent survey asked ERHS students which staff they felt connected to and cared by. An overwhelming number of respondents identified Ms. Evans as the person who cared for them and improved their sense of wellbeing at school. 


“We all know that she does an amazing job, works hard, and is eternally positive, but it was heartwarming to see so many students recognize that as well. Many kids noted that she saw them as real people, always made sure they were fed, and when they were absent, she was the person who always noticed and followed up with them upon their return,” said one ERHS staff member.


Interactions in the cafeteria are brief, but they can make a lasting and influential difference in a students’ day-to-day life. The kindness and attention that Ms. Evans’ shows her students also reaches out and impacts families.


“Brenda has changed the way my daughter sees school. She has always been shy, but Brenda helped change that. During her freshman year, she ordered a sandwich and didn’t think much about it. When she returned a few days later, Brenda not only remembered her name, but also her order,” explained one ERHS parent. “From that point forward, her near daily interactions with Brenda have changed her confidence and attitude about school.”


The Administration invites the Board to join in recognizing Brenda Evans as a Denali Award winner for the example of excellence she sets for the entire Anchorage School District community.