Rachel Molina Lodoen

Rachel Molina Lodoen has been a part of the Capital Planning & Construction Department for over 24 years.


After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Alaska, she excelled as a Project Support Analyst and was promoted to Project Support Manager in 2009. Loden coaches over 30 project managers, construction inspectors, and specialists with the common goal of planning and constructing approximately $50 million in bond-funded capital projects annually.


In addition to her flawless record as a fund manager, Rachel has been extremely successful in the development, submission, and award receipt of capital grants from Legislators and the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development. These grants have saved the District millions of dollars in capital project costs. Rachel’s teammate best describes her impact on the department:

Rachel is undeniably a huge asset to Capital Planning & Construction. Her problem-solving positive attitude, hard work and dedication keeps this department running smoothly. We are fortunate to have a reliable and incredibly supportive co-worker.”


Following the November 30, 2018 earthquake, Rachel quickly coordinated and tracked facility damage assessment teams to complete rapid visual survey reports on all 92 ASD facilities within 18 hours of the event. Rachel’s ability to manage this time-consuming FEMA process has been nothing short of superb.


Rachel is passionate about helping students and her community. She is a regular volunteer for the Alaska Special Olympics and coaches volleyball for the Midnight Sun Volleyball Club.


Rachel maintains a positive, cooperative, and professional attitude. She is a true professional who stands out amongst her peers and is an outstanding representative for the Anchorage School District.