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Committed to an IDEA is an online quarterly newsletter from the senior director of Special Education


The goal of the newsletter is to provide updates, guidance and other relevant information for educators and community members to stay informed about changes in our department personnel, policy and procedures.


February 2013
  • New parent rights booklets
  • Recent guidance
  • District crisis teams
  • Training options for staff
February 2012
  • Welcoming our new IEP program
  • New features
  • Under construction
  • Keeping up to date
October 2011
  • Teaming with IT
  • Did you catch the latest?
  • Be sure to use the NEWEST Notice of Procedural Safeguards
March 2011
  • Procedural Safeguards updated
  • New IEP program
  • Did you catch the latest?
September 2010
  •  A review of ASD inclusive practices
  • Information for the 504 coordinator
  • Keeping in STEP
  • New guidance

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