Postsecondary transition services

What are transition services? Transition services are intended to help students with disabilities make the transition from the world of secondary school to the world of adulthood. They provide each qualified student with access to the necessary services and activities to achieve his or her desired postsecondary goals. Areas addressed may include:


  • determining academic and vocational interests
  • researching and applying for postsecondary educational opportunities
  • assistance in finding employment
  • employability skills
  • occupationally specific skills
  • self-determination
  • daily living skills
  • health and physical care
  • leisure
  • mobility
  • money management
  • social skills


IEP process

Team ‌‌‌The seven steps each IEP team follows to provide appropriate transition services.



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Community support

Global ‌Connect with local agencies and organizations that assist individuals with disabilities.


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Online resources

Mouse ‌Find national and state resources online for getting technical assistance with transitioning.


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What this means to IEP teams

While providing appropriate transition services, IEP teams should follow these key points:


  • Starting at age 15, transition becomes not just part of the IEP, but the focus of the IEP.
  • The PLAAFP, course of study, statement of transition services, annual goals and special education and related services should all be coordinated and linked to the identified postsecondary goals.
  • Focus on the student. Transition must be individualized and based on assessment data.
  • Transition is a continuous, progressive process subject to change and revision until the student graduates or ages out of public education.
  • Transition must be reality based. It's the district's responsibility to guide the student and family in developing attainable postsecondary goals.
  • Transition must be a realistic, results-oriented process that facilitates student movement from school to postsecondary activities.
  • Transition is a team effort, requiring the involvement of all IEP team members including the student, parents, special education teachers, general education teachers and, as appropriate, other involved individuals in the school and community.


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