Course of study

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The course of study may be very specific for students who have clearly defined postsecondary education and employment goals. It may be less specific for students with a less clearly defined path, becoming more specific as the student narrows his or her postsecondary goals while progressing through high school.

The course of study is a multi-year listing of coursework from the student's current year to the anticipated exit year that's designed to help achieve the desired postsecondary goals. The goal is to not only identify the required courses needed to graduate or complete a secondary program, but also to consider and determine what instructional and educational experiences will assist the student in preparing for the transition from secondary education to postsecondary life.


Developing a course of study involves planning and identifying the courses the student will take in each grade including: required, elective, modified or specially designed courses, as well as other relevant education experiences. It promotes the concept that the high school program focuses on postsecondary results. The course of study must be reviewed and updated annually.


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