Annual and Postsecondary Goals


"Transition" no longer needs to be listed on the Services page of the IEP. This means that there doesn't have to be a goal area labeled "Transition." Depending on the student's individual needs, there may still be services and goals for areas such as "Employability Skills" or "Vocational Skills." For more guidance, see the "Transition Powerpoint" link in the Technical Assistance section of the website.

At least one measurable annual goal should be in place to support each identified measurable postsecondary goal area.The measurable annual goal must support students in achieving their postsecondary goals and logically link to the postsecondary goal. 



A team may write a postsecondary education/training goal stating that upon leaving high school, the student will attend vocational school or college to study culinary arts, with an employment goal of working in food services. After identifying these postsecondary goals, the team must develop annual goals to address academic and/or functional skills needed to achieve the postsecondary goals. 


Depending on the student's identified disability, they may include reading and writing skills necessary for a culinary arts program as well as the ability to understand fractions and measurements for cooking. If the student had deficits in behavior and social skills that would adversely impact achieving the postsecondary goals, then the measurable annual goals developed to address deficits in those areas could also be linked to the postsecondary goals. 


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