Students and participating agencies

An IEP team considering transition services will be comprised of the required members of any IEP team. Additionally:


  • A student with a disability must be invited to attend the IEP team meeting if a purpose of the meeting will be consideration of postsecondary goals and transition services. The student does not need to be provided a separate invitation. 
  • If the student does not attend the IEP team meeting, the school district must take other steps to ensure that the student's preferences and interests are considered.


When an IEP team will be considering transition services, to the extent appropriate and with the consent of the parents or a student who has reached the age of majority, the school district must invite a representative of any participating agency that is likely to be responsible for providing or paying for transition services. This consent is required yearly and must be obtained prior to the meeting. Additionally, if the participating agency does not send a representative to the IEP meeting, the district shall take other steps to obtain the participation of the agency in the planning for transition services.


For any IEP meeting considering transition services, the invitation must:


  • indicate that the purpose of the meeting includes consideration of transition services;
  • identify any other agency that will be invited to the meeting.


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