Science Department

The goal of the ASD STEM Department is to provide the base learning to ensure all students have 21st Century foundational STEM knowledge and skills so they can take advantage of STEM community enrichment programs and are prepared for college and career STEM opportunities by graduation.


Science literacy

‌What does it mean for a student to be scientifically literate?  Read more about science literacy »


Why is science literacy important?

To respond to modern difficulties, from pandemics to energy shortages,  American citizens require scientific understanding and an appreciation for evolving technologies. Being scientifically literate allows us to respond to global or local issues with a basis in facts and an understanding of how one approaches problems in a thoughtful, scientific manner.


Of the 16 career clusters defined by the Association for Career and Technical Education, 14 of the 16 career clusters require four years of science in high school, so science literacy does not just improve our ability to be more informed and thoughtful participants in society, it increases our ability to find gainful employment as an adult. While national and international standardized tests have increasingly focused K-12 classroom instruction toward reading, writing and math outcomes, it is the ability to apply those skills in scientific process that employers seek.

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