STEM Science works with teachers K-12 and the Anchorage community to revise and update curriculum as needed and to provide professional development for teachers.

Jennifer Witter

STEM Curriculum Coordinator (907) 742-4856

  • STEM K-12 Education at the Anchorage School District
  • School Business Partnership program
  • Professional Development for K-12 teachers
  • New STEM Education initiatives

Gabriella Lopez, STEM Admin Assist

Gabriella Lopez

STEM Administrative Assistant (907) 742-4856

  • General STEM science or science kit questions
  • Training inquiries
  • Addenda
  • Community connections

Deb Green


Deb Greene

STEM Teacher Expert (907) 742-7863

  •    STEM Kits K-3
  •    Salmon In the Classroom
  •    GLOBE



Deborah McSweyn       

STEM Teacher Expert  (907) 742-7865

  • Middle School Academic Plans
  • STEM Kits 4-6

Science Materials Center

Located in the ASD Warehouse, the STEM Materials Center is the home to the elementary STEM Kit program. The SMC supports quality science instruction by providing classroom teachers with necessary materials to effectively teach hands-on, inquiry-based science as outlined in the STEM kit Academic Plans. The staff of the SMC refurbish the STEM Kits for all the teachers in the district and stores 1,270 refurbished science kits in approximately 4,500 square feet of space.


Contact the SMC:


Administrative Assistant, Science Materials Center

Kate Robertson-Bartel   


  • kit scheduling and transfers
  • materials inventory/purchasing


Distribution Clerks:

Pam Rietman

Jolene Schroer

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