What is a Family/School Service Coordinator?

An FSSC is a school-based coordinator who works with parents to be an important part of their children’s education. They provide a wide variety of assistance for parents and students such as:


  • coordinating parent involvement activities
  • providing referrals for school supplies, food, clothing, housing, etc.
  • holiday food and food program referrals
  • attendance support


Below is a list of FSSCs who are available for questions from parents and guardians. Feel free to call.




Email Address


Begich Middle Jen Mickelson mickelson_jennifer@asdk12.org    742-3856
Creekside Park Janet Newell newell_janet@asdk12.org 742-4775
Lake Otis Jennifer Stoneburner stoneburner_jennifer@asdk12.org 742-7406
North Star Jennifer Stoneburner stoneburner_jennifer@asdk12.org 742-3814
Russian Jack Marti Guzman guzman_marti@asdk12.org 742-1318
Tyson Lisa Long long_lisa@asdk12.org 742-8022
Wonder Park Cristy Jensen jensen_cristy@asdk12.org 337-1569

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