Elitnaurvik Within East

Elitnaurvik Within East (EWE), established in 1987 provides programs and opportunities for over 400 Alaska Native and American Indian students at East Anchorage High School.

EWE supports Native student academics by connecting students to tutoring opportunities, as well as provides direct services to teach students good study habits and organizational skills. EWE staff provide Native students and families with a connection to many opportunities, school and community events, scholarships, internships, employment and postsecondary educational options. 

EWE incorporates Native values into the services provided, and concentrates on addressing different learning styles within its program. EWE enjoys widespread support in the community.


The EWE Program utilizes expert staff and other resources, including Title VI Indian Education, Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Bilingual Education, Migrant Education Program, Child In Transition, and the Anchorage School District.



EWE mission statement

Elitnaurvik Within East’s mission is to provide an educational community for Alaska Native and American Indian students where they can feel pride and comfort within East High School.  EWE promotes cultural pride, self-­respect, and life­long academic and social success through parent, teacher and student cooperation.



EWE events, activities and resources

  • Native Student Leadership Council
  • Native Dance
  • Postsecondary workshops and informational sessions
  • Native Youth Olympics
  • Alaska Native and American Indian Heritage Month
  • First Alaskans Elders and Youth Conference
  • EWE Awards Ceremony
  • EWE Traditional Gathering
  • Elizabeth Peratrovich Day
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center after-school program
  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council Schoolyard program

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