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Project Ki’L empowers Alaska Native students for success in school through the project’s strong emphasis on cultural responsiveness, social-emotional learning (SEL), and effective teaching strategies. Project services span from elementary through middle school and will build in an academic focus, while preserving and furthering Native cultural elements and effective student engagement. For teachers and school staff, the project provides professional development designed by experts in Native culture and languages, SEL, and gender-based teaching strategies, to meet the unique needs and learning styles of Native youth.  Funding for Project Ki'L is provided through the Alaska Native Education Program and is available at the following school locations:  Begich Middle School, College Gate, Lake Otis, Muldoon, Scenic Park, and Susitna Elementary schools.


Project Ki'L is focused on six milestones:

  • Promoting strong academic identity and achievement while retaining strong cultural ties for all Native youth

  • Supporting all Native youth to be on track in the completion of algebra by 8th grade

  • Encouraging all Native students in attending school daily

  • Ensuring all Native youth have a positive cultural identity

  • Supporting educators with culturally responsive and gender specific strategies to improve Native youth academic outcomes

  • Ensuring all Native youth exhibit strong social-emotional skills.




Project Ki'L Fall Conference 2017


Thank you to all who attended the Project Ki'L Fall Conference!  We were honored to have RunningHorse Livingston and Zaretta Hammond lead a busy two days of professional learning to over 150 educators in math and culturally responsive practices.  You can access the handouts from Zaretta Hammond's 90 minute keynote here.  Zaretta Hammond Handout




The Alaska Native Cultural Identity and School Success Survey (ANCIS)

Students in grades 6-8


This is an online survey given to Alaska Native Students to help the district understand the impact of the U.S. Department of Education funded cultural enrichment programs.  The survey results will be used by the ASD’s Title VI Indian Education program to support a positive cultural identity for Alaska Native Students and increase success in school.  After the results are analyzed reports are provided to the director of ASD’s Indian Education program and used in annual reports to the U.S. Department of Education to track success of the ASD program that if funds.  Results for individual students are never reported.  You can view the ANCIS survey here: Project KiL survey


Under Alaska law, AS 14.03.110, and School Board policy:

Parental permission is required for surveys that inquire into personal or private family affairs of the student not a matter of public record or subject to public observation.

· Parents/guardians may provide annual permission for their student to participate in anonymous surveys requiring parental consent.

For all surveys requiring permission parents will be provided notice and a survey opportunity to review the survey at least two weeks in advance of the administration of the survey.

The ANCIS survey can be viewed here and will be administered the week of December 4th for students attending the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School.


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