Academic support for Title VI students

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Title VI services focus on assisting Alaska Native and American Indian students enrolled in the Anchorage School District in achieving academic success through culturally relevant supports that are based on individual needs.


Parents who are interested in helping guide the efforts of ASD's Title VI program may apply to join the Native Advisory Committee.



Grade level resources

Title VI offers a variety of academic resources specifically for eligible Alaska Native and American Indian students.  

Other ways you can help your child succeed are to monitor Zangle/Q grades and assignments or request progress reports from your child's teacher. Before and after-school tutoring is often available at individual schools throughout the district, and teachers are more than willing to collaborate with you in creating a homework system or improvement plan for your child. Many schools also have peer mentoring programs where younger students can receive help and guidance from older students.


Title VI also has tutors and counselors in many schools. You can check to see if a tutor is available at your school here. If you have questions about whether or not your student is eligible, please visit our eligibility page.



More resources for families

At Title VI, we know that family involvement is the key to success for our students. We focus on outreach and engagement with families as a primary method to increase student achievement. Within Title VI, families have access to a variety of supports and resources. Families who feel they could benefit from assistance navigating available resources may contact the Title VI staff member at their school or the Title VI office.


Homework help and academic improvement:                                Title VI Parent Toolkit:


Offers practice exercises and instructional videos that empower learners to study at their own pace.

Connect with other students studying the same things. Get help and give help.

Online networking application for teachers and students. Students will need to obtain a six-digit group code from their teacher in order to sign up.

Free homework help and tutoring available through a grant from the Alaska State Library.




Teaches English as a second language and other academic needs. Eligibility requirements may apply.

Serves students who travel outside ASD to engage in seasonal fishing or agricultural activities. Eligibility requirements may apply.

Aims to ensure all Club members graduate from high school on time, ready for a post-secondary education and career.

Includes funding for school supplies and extracurricular fees, bus passes for classes and after-school programs, and tuition for online courses.

Title VI has created a parent toolkit specifically for parents of Alaska Native and American Indian students in ASD.


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Tips for parents:

  • Know your child’s friends.
  • Promote regular attendance to increase his or her chances for graduation.
  • Maintain contact with your child’s teachers.
  • Create schedules to ensure adequate sleep and time to get ready for school in the morning.
  • Call to confirm absences immediately.
  • Try to schedule vacations and appointments that match school vacation days to reduce absences.

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  • Seek assistance if your child is struggling academically or socially.
  • Contact the school immediately if your student complains of being scared to go to school.
  • Encourage good nutrition in your home to foster learning.

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